Today as I was driving out of the parking zone in GN Chetty Road, a fortune teller approached me and said

" Thambi, Unga kai regaiya paakalaamaa?" ( Can I read your palm?)

"Venaam, Adhula nambikkai illaingo" (No, I don't believe in that)

"Thambi, Oru nimisham naan solradha kelunga, Unga Moga raasikku innum 5 monthsla neenga foreign poveenga" (Brother, One minute, listen to me. You will go to a foreign country with in the next 5 months)

I grinned at him and he immediately thought that his marketing skills had worked on me and he tried to make me listen to him with some more juicy words.

"Thambi ungala rendu ponnunga love panraanga" (Brother , two girls are in love with you)

" Yov! Enakku kalyaanam aayiduchungo. Oru kolandhaiyum irukudhu" (I am married and I have a daughter)

"Summa sollaadheenga thambi..." (Don't lie brother)

He thought that I was lying and he tried to market harder. I just drove off from that place.

How many fall for such words? Many great sales pitches that win great business deal is done by such guys.

The best time to say no is right at the beginning.