Friday, June 29, 2012

522. Two Timing

- AA Lee

Have you ever been ditched? How do you feel when you try to reach your girlfriend or your boyfriend over the phone in the middle of the night and all that you hear is a busy tone? Many of you might have been there, done that and would have learnt a lesson or two from bad experiences. I am not gonna give a gyan on how to handle such issues. This ain't an agony aunt section.

Women, when they two time are extremely cautious and they can manage to two time for a longer period of time. But men are the fools in the two- timing business. When a man two times, he will get caught pretty soon. You might say that you have heard this line in the Tamil movie "Kadhalil Sodhapuvadhu Eppadi".

When I was in kindergarten, I fell in love with Renu. Regular readers of my blog would be knowing this. Though I loved Renu with all my heart, soul, mind and my little nose; I faced a big problem. Yes the problem was my childhood villain, Shabir. He was in love with Renu too. She smiled at all his jokes. So I knew that she liked him. So during those times, I would shudder into little, tiny tears and I would long to wipe my tears on someone.

There was a girl from Kerala in the same class. Her name was Minu. Minu was not as beautiful as Renu neither was she smart like Renu. But she was a mallu and that was the secret. Normally guys from Tamilnadu have a thing for girls from (g)ods' own country. I was no exception. Minu would often lend her shoulder for me to cry. Though Renu did not laugh at my jokes, she would frown when I cry on Minu's shoulders. That reaction of Renu was a clear indicator that she liked me. So to get that reaction from Renu, I would often cry a lot on Minu's shoulders. Slowly I found that I was falling in love with Minu also.

Two timing is a difficult task for grown up adults. So the amount of pressure that I had to face as a three year old boy was too much. What would a three year old like me do ? During those days we did not use a notebook and a pencil. All we used was a slate and a piece of chalk. I found it difficult to even spell the letters in the english alphabet. But Shabir was too good in it. Often I would feel like punching Shabir on his nose. But he was stronger than me and I would curb my intentions.

One day I had a bad cold and I had a running nose. Minu saw my condition and she offered her small hand kerchief. I looked at her eyes and I saw her eyeballs in the shape of two hearts. Love was in the air. Renu did not like it at all. She immediately came to me and offered her handkerchief too. I did not expect this. I turned towards Renu and saw the same hearts in her eye balls also. It is situations like this that men never know how to react. Both were extending their hand kerchiefs and I really did not know whose heart I was going to break with my action. At this moment Shabir also walked upto me and stood in front of me. To my surprise, I found that he also had running nose. Immediately both the girls turned towards Shabir and offered their hand kerchiefs.

Why did they do this?

It is for the simple reason that Shabir had 6 packs even when we were in kindergarten. I felt like a guy who ran the entire marathon only to faint just before reaching the finish line. Yes, I cried that day; but my sympathy creation tactics did not work with both the girls. They walked away with Shabir and I remained sitting in the corner of the room with tears in my eyes.

Note: This post was supposed to end on a emotional tragedy note. The intention of the author was to leave the reader with a heavy heart at the end of the post.



  1. Hi

    I am left with an extremely heavy heart after knowing all the horrible things that happened to you in kindergarten ...Hope you were able to move on ;) :D

  2. hahahaha......... Iam still laughing.... Poor you.. :P:P

  3. What a tragedy.....rendu figure erundum one handkerchief also no? So wiping mooku in pakathu payans shirt only?? Anyway to prove that you can successfully have your cake and eat it too- i will write my next blog post on Two-timing successfully- the technical training manual

  4. Real two timing post. Reading the first paragraph i thought the story would pan out to a spicy story but then it turns out to be an anti climax that the event took place at the age of 3....hahahaha Nice post

  5. chriz ne memory plus ethachum sapudriya, unaku epdi ivlo visayam nyabathula iruku

  6. i can't stop smiling..i didn't expectd that even minu will offer d handkrchief to ur opponent..:P :)
    n yeah its such a nice blog..
    me following u..:) :)

  7. 3 vaisule kallan kedi pola. Anya's time will soon come!!

    Joy always,


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