Wednesday, June 27, 2012

521. How to get a size zero figure.

If your vital statistical measurements of chest-stomach-hips range between 30-22-32 inches and 33-25-35 inches, then you are a size zero figure. Some of the world renowned size zero figures are Kareena Kapoor, Uma Thurman, Illena, Sarah Bosely, Genelia, Katie Green,Victoria Beckam, Chronicwriter and almost all girls in Somalia."Size zero" often refers to extremely thin individuals. Many women dream to have a size zero figure.

The following points are some of the tips that can be adopted by women to get a size zero figure. So If you are looking for tips to get a size zero figure, you are at the right place

  1. Watch Arnab Gowsami on Times Now. You will automatically start throwing up and when you watch his talk shows regularly, you will eventually become a size zero figure in no time. Many women in India are becoming size zero following this technique.
  2. Take 234 phone calls everyday from your mobile phone. If you have a boy friend who will sacrificially top up your mobile phone you are lucky. Research has shown that adopting this method will make you achieve the size zero figure in quick time.
  3. Take the size zero girls for parties and feed them with junk food. They will put on weight. So relatively , you will look thin compared to them.
  4. Make nice chicken biriyani and mix five tablespoon of laxative with it and eat it. Do this for one week. You will have awesome figure in no time.
  5. Google for "Sreesanth Pictures". See the search results for 7 seconds. You will feel giddy. If you watch the pictures for more than 10 seconds you will pass out. When you wake up, you will find yourself in the hospital and the doctor will come to you and say ,"Congratulations, you are going to become a mother". You will be shocked to hear this. The doctor will then say, "I was just kidding. You just had a bout of dysentery and you have become a size zero figure"
If none of these techniques work out, please read some more blogs written by Chronicwriter; you will soon become size zero.



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