Monday, June 04, 2012

519. The agony of a first bencher

School days! Most memorable days of our life unless and until you have been a first-bencher all your school life. I have been a first-bencher all the days of my school life. Looking back from the first bench, the last bench students would look scary. They are the rowdies of the class. They are the ones who will speak all bad words in class, eat chapatti during class hours, read sleazy magazines during class hours.

The first bench will be full of the learned scholars, future IIT, IIMs and good boys and girls and of course shorties like me. I was made to sit in the first bench not because I was a good boy nor because I was a future IIT product. I was there for the simple reason for being short. I would often think why I am not tall. But then my childhood hero Sachin would flash across my eyes and I would feel happy.

Sometimes I would feel like sneaking to the last bench to see what the notorious boys in class were up to. But I would control by inhibitions because of two reasons
1) Renu did not like the last bench boys
2) The last bench boys were scary.

Renu used to sit in the second row. One day Renu did not come to school. So I decided to go to the last bench when the teacher was not around in the class room. I gathered all my courage and walked slowly towards the last bench. It was like walking towards a lion's den. The last bench boys stared at me with a scornful look. I smiled at them. It didn't work. When I reached the last bench, One guy pulled me and dragged me under the last bench. Three others hit me and punched me and told me " Idhu Enga Area, Ulla Varaadha" which in English translates to " This is our area, Don't you dare come here". That was the last time I went closer to the last bench in school.

Through out my school days, Though I was always seated in the first bench, my heart was always in the last bench. All my last bench dreams came true, when I entered college. Because I was a full time-yapper, I became an automatic candidate for the last bench when I entered college. The criteria for a last bench candidate in college are listed below

1.Ability to whistle with fingers folded inside the mouth
2.Ability to create rhythmic music by hitting at the wooden benches.
3.Ability to throw chalk pieces at the first row benches.
4.Ability to rag first time lecturers.
5.Ability to rag juniors in college.
6.Ability to walk out of the class midway through the lecture.
As I fit into all these useless criteria I became an eligible candidate for the last bench. I will write about my college day stories in another post. But let me come back to the school days. School excursions are again a memorable thing for everyone (not for the first benchers)

This is how a school excursion seating would look like. All the innocent, calm and good students will be seated in the first few rows. The love birds will occupy the middle seats and the notorious ones will sit in the last two rows of seats. I have no clue how they bring in alcohol and cigarettes. The students will be accompanied by two school teachers (one will be a physical education teacher and the other will be an English ma'm). The bad students will enjoy the excursion very much. They will tease all the love birds. The good ones will have to just sit and look at the scenery. As the journey goes on, they doze off. 

Being a first bencher is one of the greatest banes of being in a school especially if you are a hyper active kid.



  1. Ahhh... i wish you were in a boys school :P

  2. I too was a first bencher, not in school but in college. That was the perfect excuse to watch outside (or do anything else) as the lecturers were not suspecting the first bencher's much! :)

  3. Lovely post..You reminded me of both my school days and college days... Same story here ...but the way you have expressed is awesome !!

  4. Lol. I loved that picture of the bus.

  5. Ha ha. Had a good time reading the post. I was never a first bencher and after reading this, I must say.... Thankfully so!


  6. Haha!! I was a first bencher too - this is spot on!!

  7. you missed out the part about passing notes and eating chocolates in the middle of the class :P

  8. I was in an all girls school and sat anywhere I liked. I was quiet, serious and petrified of the teachers but loved it when someone cracked a joke.

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