We come across many look-a-likes in our day to day lives. When I look at a tree, it resembles someone I know. I always picture someone when I look at objects around me. Recently I was looking at dogs and some of the dogs resembled some actresses we have seen in the big screen.

This is entirely a humor post birthed out of the imaginative mind of the author and this post in no way insults a dog or a human being. If the funny bone in you is still alive, it might wake up when you see the following pictures.

Just look at the following pictures of dogs. When I looked at them, these are the actresses who came across my mind. At the end of this blog-post, I have a picture for all my readers. It is an exercise for you to find out whether you also think like the author.

Now tell me who this is? If you and I think alike, I have a special gift for you - (An attractive T-Shirt with a funny caption)

Clue : Bollywood / Tamil Actress