Saturday, May 26, 2012

516. The girl who turned my world upside down.

She is just 8 days old and she has already turned my world upside down. I have started seeing the world through her eyes. Hope every dad would have gone through similar feelings when they had their first daughter.

Anya smiles in her sleep. If a baby smiles in her sleep we admire the baby. But if a teenage girl smiles in her sleep she has to face lot of music from her parents. When my little one smiles in her sleep, it means that her tummy is full. If she starts frowning, then it means two things
1. She has soiled /Wet her nappy
2. She is Hungry.

Babies these days have wonderful communication skills. It is the adults who create a lot of confusion by not communicating effectively. I am learning a lesson or two from Anya on how to effectively communicate with less words (or should i say "just sounds").

This is how we wrap her. Back those days I used to sleep in a cradle made out of my mom's saree. But today things have changed and Anya feels cozy inside this bundle. Yea! She is my new bundle of joy.

In the beginning, we just had to change around 20 nappies a day. But Anya is a goal achiever and she betters her own record everyday. Yesterday she set her own record of 34 nappies in one day. She is already on her way of bettering her own record today.

This is her favorite pose while sleeping

Other notable people with similar poses are Dhirubhai Ambani and Dr. Abdul Kalaam. One launched mobile towers, another launched rockets and Anya launches something else that makes me to change her diapers every now and then.

Last night, she got scared of her own fart sound and it took 30 minutes for us to calm her down. Chronicwriter sure has a tough competitor in this field.

Some say that I have a good voice and I always have the habit of singing for my friends. But when ever I sing for my little girl, she starts crying. These days she has started to sing too. Last night she made a tune that was similar to the OST of the movie gladiator.

More Anya stories to come.



  1. Shez so cute! <3

  2. wow, we do have so many things to learn from kids of today. Really cute :-)

  3. It is said that, kids smile in thr dreams bcz they r conversing wid God. . .mayb Anya was having one of thos conversations wid Him. :)

  4. God Bless Anya and her Mommy-Daddy:)

    feels nice to see her pictures and your blog post...keep them going.

    Thanks for sharing, Chris!

  5. Congrats Chris. God bless you all


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