Wednesday, April 25, 2012

510. When the wife is not at home

I love cooking and it is one of my favorite hobbies (just like writing). Staying alone for more than ten years made me to learn cooking. The chicken dishes are my favorite. My favorite pass time is " the cooking party" I used to throw for my friends. 

When ever I am bored , I call my friends home and cook for them. Indeed, I make them cut vegetables and also help me in the cooking process.

After I got married, I stopped entering the kitchen. My wife took control of that portion of the house. Yes we have territories in our house that we don't entertain each other to enter. The computer is my territory. 

The Television is a shared commodity - both of us are not much into television. Even when we watch anything on TV, it would be some News channel or sports. 

One great bonding place is the balcony at home. Sitting together in the balcony early in the morning and sipping hot coffee indeed helps a couple to share a special bond. If you have not tried it, try it with your better half. 

When the woman of the house goes onsite, many husbands have a gala time. Sometimes, the men start flirting with other women. Sometimes they bring home their friends and start drinking. Usually when the husband is alone at home for a week or two, the house becomes unclean and messed up. 

In my case, I resorted to cooking again. After a long gap, I started cooking again. Last night , I called home a few of my friends and made pepper chicken for them. Though my specialty is Fried chicken and Chicken masala, Pepper chicken came out very well too. My friends had a good time and there was fun and laughter.

Rice + Dhal masala +Pepper chicken + vegetable salad + mango pickle  = Mouth watering jalsa Dinner.

All this said and done, when all the friends left home, It was all empty again. Yes I miss my wife. Three more days and I'll see her. 

  1. Smash garlic cloves (10) with a hammer, and fry the garlic cloves in a pan. Frying in ghee gives a good smell
  2. Add sliced onion (1) , vertically cut chilies (4), curry leaves (20-25) in the frying pan and saute them
  3. Now add chicken pieces (1 Kilogram) in the pan and mix the mixture. Simmer the fire (If it is induction stove lower the induction temp to 600) and close the pan with a lid for 10 minutes
  4. Open the lid and add turmeric powder, a pinch of salt and mix the contents. Cook till the water dries
  5. Add soya sauce (2 table spoon)and mix the contents. Add salt to taste - This is the secret ingredient of pepper chicken
  6. Now add two heaped table spoons of pepper and toss the pan. Garnish with coriander leaves
  7. Squeeze half lime 
Pepper chicken is ready. 

Cooking time : 30 minutes .
Serve along with : Chappathy / Bread / Dosa / Rice with Dhal



  1. Maybe you should've added the recipe as well.

    Joy always,

  2. Bro... serious blog? neengala? sathiyama looks like next door aunty has given yu all the food!


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