Thursday, April 12, 2012

509. I know everything; You know Nothing

We are living in an information age where there is dearth of information. Back those days, when someone told something new everyone would sit around that person and listen eagerly. But today with the advent of internet and the availability of huge amount of information on the web, anyone can access anything and get an idea about any topic.

People who do not know anything about cricket, can just spend sometime online and get enough information to involve in discussions on IPL. Internet has given birth to many such souls. Gone were the days when information was available from only few sources. In the past when the knowledgeable people spoke others listened to them; but now even when a knowledgeable person speaks, another person who has just a pinch of information on the same subject also joins the conversation as if he knows the subject  in totality.

Everybody these days want to express themselves but nobody wants to listen to others. Communication is an art that will be effective only if a person listens to understand the other person's views and then answers that. But today no one bothers to know what the other person is trying to communicate; everybody just want to talk.

Facebook and Twitter are two places where everyone just posts something thinking that the whole world will agree with them. Every writer who picks up a pen and paper thinks that he is Shakespeare and tries to force his writings on others. 

On 11th April 2012, a Big earthquake hit the shores of Sumatra and the aftershocks were felt in Chennai also. I was talking with a colleague of mine when I saw the table moving. More than anything Twitter and Facebook were the most affected places because of the earthquake. Till the earthquake news spread around, everybody were talking as if they knew everything about cricket.. Now everyone are discussing about the intricate details about earthquakes and tsunamis. If Google and wikipedia sites go down for a week, the world will be more calmer.

The second most affected species were the couples who romance in the beach sands. The cops chased them away. They cursed the Tsunami and left the place. More than the Tsunami, the media people created major havoc by saying that a big Tsunami is gonna hit Chennai. 

Finally just when the Tsunami was about to Hit the chennai shores, our one and only Gabtun jumped into the scene. If he had jumped a little more, the sea would have dried up.


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