Why am I starting this blog post with a stiletto? Many would say that it is a bad omen to start a post with a seruppu (footwear). You might also think who actually owns this pair of stilettos.  Would you believe that these are footwear for men? You gotta believe me because stilletos for men have entered the fashion Industry and the Indian fashion fraternity has embraced it too.( If you do not believe me, Google it yourself). Now, no one can say that a certain footwear is meant for women and a certain footwear is for men. At this rate everything will be used by everyone irrespective of gender differences.

Women might still argue and say that men cannot wear skirts and wrap-around. But hold on a second, even before women declared that skirts and wrap-around belong to the female species, the men had already started using it. 

The Roman men always wore short skirts and South Indian men also wear a wrap around. They call it lungi. So even in dressing style, women cannot say that men cannot wear a certain dress.

Now some women might say "what about sarees? It can be worn only by women". But history proves that long before the saree was introduced to women Samana Munivars (Yogis) in India wore sarees. Vivekananda is always clad in Samana Saree.
So what exactly is cross dressing? There are certain wears that are designed for certain private parts of men and women. Such attires are not supposed to be inter-worn. The Bible forbids cross dressing of this kind.

Is a trouser, shorts, T shirt, pants an attire for men or women? The question remains unanswered. What ever be the case, as long as we don't scare the dogs and cover our body with clothes we need not worry about who wears what. This post is not gonna bring a change in the mindset of people. But at least it will make some of you to dream for a better future. Let us make our country proud

Note If you find any relevance for the inclusion of the last two lines in the above paragraph, please tell me. I forgot why I added it here in the first place