Monday, March 12, 2012

427. Feel your Breasts

I like it on the table. I like it on the floor. I like it on the couch. I like it on top of the TV. I like it on the chair. I like it on the bed. I like it under the table.

These were some of the FB status messages that many women posted on their walls. For those who think dirty, they just might be disappointed to learn that “I like it on the” status updates of many women around the world are not really about “sex” but is actually a campaign for breast cancer awareness.

Last year, another game made news in the internet, the “what color of bra are you wearing?” and women had status messages that read " Red, Blue, White, Black, Brown, None, Dirty, Yellow"

This kind of game is created to make the people inform about the October Breast Awareness month. Again, this year this kind of game never failed to get the attention of many people especially those facebook users. “I like it on the kitchen counter” is just an answer to the question of where do you put your handbag or purse the moment you get home.

The thrill of the game starts when the answer to the question is put in the status box without any clue from the reader of what is the meaning behind it. The (supposed) purpose of this game is to draw the attention of others and get them asking. This is indeed an attraction to lead the media towards the October Breast Awareness month.

Chronicwriter's View about this Status Update Craze :

Though it is widely seen as a method to get the media's attention towards Breast Awareness and the month of October, Chronicwriter has his reservations to this.

The Bra game was played in the month of January and it was not in October. When the Bra game was played, it was called "January Breast Awareness month". Many women fell for it. Men did not get awareness about breast Cancer. In fact Men got the awareness of the Bra color of their friends. I would like to inform one thing to Women, " When you post your Bra colors on Facebook, three things run in the mind of Men"

1. Breasts, 2. Breasts, 3. Breasts

This Time, the Handbag game is played in the month of October and I have no clue how October became the Breast Awareness Month. Premature arrival? This game, though it stirred all the dirty minds ( Everyone has a dirty mind. All it needs is a little stirring), it did not create any awareness on Breast cancer.

This game is just another prank played by a bunch of Men who wanted to have a good time with girls.
Score : Prankster Guys -2 , Women -0

The first two things that come across my mind when I think of the link between October and January is the Birthday and Death day of Mahatma Gandhi.If you want to create breast cancer awareness,"Just feel your breasts for lumps" and also send informative articles on Breast cancer to everyone. Don't fall for crazy ideas created by some perverts. Men are not the only creatures who get turned on by looking at breasts. Lesbians and even animals get turned on. If you still want to fall for these foolish games , you are more than welcome to fall for the pranks. At the rate things are turning out, Every month in 2011 might be called as "Breast Awareness Month".
Check out the Free Breast Examination checkup plan devised by these two young Boys.



  1. tee hee, i was wonderin wat all these "i like it on the" msgs wer... thnx for informin.. in fact the last time around it was u who told me bout d color game.. i am gonna post this link onto a few of ma gal pals who have been sportin these msgs..... :D

  2. Madness is like Gravity..All it requires is a little push...

  3. haha, no wonder innovation originates in a mischievous mind, a little perverted mind can turn a motion for a cause into a game,
    but it can also turn a game into a cause.
    How many amongst us would actually read the informative mail, I am not sure, for me, I would open it, then casually scroll and delete it. Or may even mark it spam if it is from unknown names.

  4. You know males also get breast cancer...

  5. @Anonymous

    Men also get Breast Cancers.

    But how many Men wear a Bra?

    How many people get turned-On, staring at the chest of a Man?

    Steven Gaitley is no more and Ricky Martin is still in Latino world

  6. My answer was 'i like it lying around' :D It's a pretty catchy way it catch the eye of someone and hopefully their head too in the process... Go awareness!

  7. oh this was a breast cancer awareness campaign i dint know about this till date..was wondering..what it meant..but the color one was much more effective in raising curiosity levels..i remem. i asked a girl why not a rainbow color one.. when i was puzzled about the colors..

  8. i missed all the i like it fun this this time... too bad :P
    nice post


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