Tuesday, February 21, 2012

501. The making of Dracula 007

Family get together is always fun for many of us. When ever I and my cousins meet, we turn the whole place upside down. We are 14 cousins in all. The oldest of the lot is 33 years of age and the youngest is a 7 year old. Hence we try to play games that fit in for all these age groups. When my cousins gathered for my wedding, we shot our first all-cousin video. I wrote a post on that video. If you want to see that post along with the video click this [ link ]

After a period of 6 months, my cousins and I gathered again. This time we thought of shooting our second movie. We all sat together and brainstormed for scripting the movie. All the cousins shared their views

"Can we take a 3D movie? "

"That would cost a lot"

" Shall we all go to some foreign location to shoot a movie "

We all looked at the one who uttered this line and he became silent.

The smallest cousin asked, "Shall we take a movie of my barbie doll collection"

We did not want to disappoint her; at the same time did not want her barbie doll in the movie. So we said  "Instead of the doll, we would have the real doll- you in the movie"

She was happy.

"Shall we have a tag team WWE match and shall we record it as a video"

I personally did not like this idea , because most of my cousins are well built and I knew what would happen to me if I participated in a tag team match.

"Shall we make an animation movie?"

" But none of us know how to make that movie; and we have just one day to shoot the movie. So tell some other ideas please"

" I know we are having too many ideas. Let us first name our movie. Then we will work on the script"

"Bulla-Bulla-Bong Bong"

"That sounds like a Chinese movie"

"What if we name our movie 'Amala Paul' ? "

All the boys were so eager to have that name as the title of the movie. But the girls did not like that idea.

While we were discussing all these, the older generation of uncles and aunts were over hearing us and they did not like the idea of we shooting a movie. So they decided to be the stumbling block for all of us.

From the other room, One uncle shouted, "Tonight no one is gonna stay up late. You are all gonna hit the bed by 10 pm"

That fell like an atom bomb on our movie shooting dreams. We spent the whole evening playing UNO and bluff; but still we were unhappy that the oldies in the family were acting as thorns in our happy flesh.

That night after our dinner, we all hit the bed. The lights went out and there was complete darkness. After sometime, I decided to scare my little cousins and made some scary noises. They were not scared. They responded with some scary noises from their side. A cousin of mine had a torch in his mobile phone. He switched it ON and focused it on our faces. We started making funny faces and suddenly we had an idea.

"Why don't we shoot a horror movie? We have all the characters in this room, We have a torch light and we indeed have mobile phone with cameras. So what else do we need to shoot a movie?"

The next one hour was spent in shooting. We understood one thing. We can turn our weaknesses into our strengths too. We named it "Dracula Pisasu 007". Watch this one minute short film here.

- Chronicwriter


  1. you have a great cousin gang


  2. How many more talents do you have? awesome post

  3. i am still sad that you are taken. :(

  4. i feel so jealous about how tight your cousinhood is! and fun work in there too!!


  5. Nice. Reminds me of my times with my cousins :-)

  6. hey...cool video man!

    some cousin gang u have da:)

  7. i just saw the 'Thank you Lord' video sung by you....its beautiful..really touching!

    God bless you and ur family and everybody in the video..
    Congrats on your wedding..hope its not too late :)


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