When my wife cooks

For those who know me personally,you would know that I love cooking. Beef is my favorite dish. When I was a bachelor, I always had friends coming over to my place and I just loved to cook for them. The love for cooking started when I started living away from home. In the beginning I missed home cooked food made by mom. But later when I learnt to cook, I started enjoying it.

When I was a kid, I hated Idlis. I used to throw them out of the window when ever my mom made idlis for breakfast. Now I miss those idlis.

My cooking diary takes me back to those days when I learnt to cook by boiling water [link]

My bachelor days came to an end and a new member has started to share the house with me. I call her my wife. Joan is her name. Joan cooks food in her own style and like most south Indian Husbands , I also started saying ,"Joan, My mom's cooking style is the best style".

Joan has a poor eye sight (She said Yes to marry me). The biggest blunder Joan made in her married life was when she said, "Honey, You are not allowed inside the kitchen. I will do the cooking". She sure would regret her words. I obeyed her words sincerely and have not entered the kitchen ever since.

Sometimes she doesn't read the entire recipe and ends up creating a new dish. The other day she made chicken soup and misread the "add 1/4 tsp salt" as "add 1/4 cup salt". Drinking that soup was almost like taking a bath in the sea water. It was an experience of sorts.

Two lessons learnt by my wife in the kitchen
  1. Oil and water are enemies and they war with each other inside a frying pan
  2. Opening a Hot pressure cook will give you a steam bath

Last week, I had crispy Papads for breakfast. Later I was informed that it was poori. I posted it on FB and I was beaten black and blue by my wife. I just recovered from bruises. But I am still living under-cover in my own house.

This morning, She told me that she would make Biriyani for me. You would know about my condition in my next post.

Till then, have fun


Happy Eating !