Driving the car

Before Marriage (BM) : 140 kmph on the EC road in Chennai in my Alto car

After Marriage (AM) : Not allowed to cross 50 kmph on the same EC road in Chennai. Wife's eyes are always on the speedo-meter. Once the 50kmph mark is crossed, I get pinched.

Spending Time at Home

BM : Bachelor-hood is indeed Heaven on earth experience for a man. One can spend the night anywhere. I had slept on my car, I had slept at my friends places. I have remained awake some nights too chatting with friends.

AM : Gotta be at home before 8 pm.


BM : Breakfast - Usually empty stomach; Lunch - Meals in a hotel near office; Dinner - cooking at home or eating out with friends

AM : Breakfast - Yummy food cooked by wife; Lunch - Yummy food cooked by wife; Dinner - Yummy food cooked by wife


BM: I can sleep anywhere. On the couch on the balcony and even on the chair. The Pillows did not have a pillow cover.

AM: Live life king size in a King size bed, with super good pillows with beautiful pillow covers.


BM: Friends walk into the house at any time of the day and night.

AM : Friends are allowed to enter the house only after they fix appointments with me. They are also allowed to sit only in the drawing room.

Washing Clothes

BM : Once a month. The blue jean trouser enters the washing machine only once a year

AM : Clothes are washed everyday. The Blue jean trousers are washed often.

Morning Coffee

BM : Ten minute walk to the Nayar coffee shop where all the bachelors would be drinking their bed coffees sitting in a wooden bench

AM : Bed coffee is served in bed.


BM: The house looks like Malinga's hair style

AM : The house is organised and it looks like a home.


BM : No fights for the remote control I could watch the sports channels and the News channels in peace

AM : Couch-war for the remote control. Channels are changed every five minutes. No one watches any programme fully.


BM: Playing pranks on everyone and having a good time

AM: Playing a prank will be dangerous if the wife has a frying pan in her hand.

Moral of the Post : You don't become a super Hero , once you get married. It's gonna be the same life, but with a lot of responsibilities and commitments. Take the plunge and live life KING SIZE.