Tuesday, September 20, 2011

484. Yo Baby

Yo Baby

The other day I waiting for the red light to turn Green and my car was stuck in the middle of a jam-packed traffic.I saw an old lady knocking all the windows of cars~ begging for money. She came near my car and as I rolled down the window pane, she said "Yo Baby! Gimme some money ". She did make me smile.

I was first introduced to this word "Yo-Baby" in the year 1999. I did my bachelors in engineering in a French-influenced city called Pondicherry. The first day in college- a young guy came to me , with two folded fingers and said "Yo-dude". I had no clue what he was trying to do. But I was not the guy who would act dumb even if did not understand what it meant. So I reciprocated by folding my fingers- the same way and said "Yo-Dude".

Immediately a group of guys came to me and said, "Wow! Here is a guy who knows our language". That very moment, I was inducted into the dude gang in college. What is Dude gang? What are their priorities? What do they do? I never knew the answer to any of these questions. But still I was a part of the gang that called themselves the Dudes of the college.

A dude is a human being who is different from the rest of the crowd. He thinks out of the box. In Short, a dude is defined in the following points.

1. A dude assumes that sitting in the last bench of the class is a cool thing to do. Chronicwriter never got the opportunity to sit in the last bench of the class in his entire school life because of his short stature. But college life came as a treat to him. As he became a member of the Dude tribe, he never sat in any row other than the last row in class.

2.A dude would grow his hair.

3. A dude would wear a torn jean ( I am talking about the dudes of the late 1990s)

4. A dude would say "Yo Baby" when he sees a girl

5. A dude would say "Yo Dude" when he sees a boy.

6. A dude would use a cuss word in every sentence that he speaks. The F word is a must.

7. A dude would excel in everything other than studies.

8. A dude would always have a gang of girls around him.

9. A dude would know how to play the guitar. He should be the kind of guy who should say " I have a band".

10. A dude smokes.

11. A dude thinks that he is sexy and he even thinks that all girls are crazy about him.

12. A dude does not know the meaning of the word Yo-Baby. (So, this post doesn't have the meaning for the term Yo-Baby)

13. A dude pierces his ear lobes. Chronicwriter had a magnetic ear-ring. His friends found that he was a fake-dude when his magnetic ear-rings came in contact with a metal board.

14. A dude thinks that he is a dude; but he is not.

15. A dude thinks that having a blog is cool. Then he thinks that FB is for hitting on girls. Then he starts tries his legs and hands in trekking. Then he becomes a photographer. He then enrolls himself in a salsa class. Finally he acts in a Tamil short film and uploads it on YouTube and announces to the world " I am an actor too".

Yo Baby! Every human being is a Dude irrespective of the gender differences and all the world's a stage. Did I just make William Shakespeare proud?



  1. 1: I sat in the last bench too. Perhaps, I was a dud(e). :D

    2: Would have given me a headache.

    3: Do dudes not wear them these days? (nejamma doubt!)

    4 & 5: Hehe.

    6: :D

    7: LOL.

    8, 9, 10 & 11: Very enlightening. I could never have passed for even the "d" in "dude"; thankfully I did not try. ;)

    12: More laughter.

    14: The best! LMHO.

    15: We all do it, don't we (as you have rightly summed up at the end? :D)

    I don't know about the Bard, I found it entertaining as always :)

  2. tala suthuthu saami..... ("--")

  3. A dude THINKS he is sexy. Irrespective of how much of a loser he might be :P
    And a dude doesn't just have long hair these days, he has like some of the craziest hairstyles ! xD And 14th is the best hahaha.
    Yo dude ! Kuhlness this post was xD

  4. A dude is forbidden to touch books unless its the day before an exam...:P


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