Thursday, September 15, 2011

483. Happy Engineer's day

Today is Engineer's day.

Engineers are the breed you find everywhere these days. During the days when my dad toiled hard in the IIT campus for his engineering degree, only 1% of the college going population took engineering as a course. But today only 1 % of the college going population do not take engineering as a course. Everyone is an engineer these days.

What do you do after you are done with your engineering degree? "I really don't have a clue" is the answer that almost all the engineers give. Chronicwriter is also an engineer. He did his engineering in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. His first regular job was in an IT firm as a business analyst. This is the specialty of engineers in India. You can do a course in mechanical engineering, aeronautics, communications and even in civil engineering. But you all will one day become a software engineer.

You might be now sitting in a cubicle coding and testing all java nonsense and if you just think about those engineering days where you did not have a clue about what you would become in future, just be happy that you are a software engineer now.

The author of this page is a product of Madras university. The more the pages used in examinations, the more marks the students get in the exams. This is the secret mantra of those days. Things have gone worse these days. Now you don't even have to write papers after papers. All you need to do is chase them. (If only you get what I mean).

We are all born engineers. There is an engineer inside everyone of us. We will all realize our potential one day.

1) Kunjumon realising the potential to convert a LapTop into an i-Pod.

Just Imagine what would have happened to him if the laptops had not been invented. Inserting a desktop like this would have been really painful

2) Gabdun is a a Gomblede Enginearing Bradecd.

3) What ever said and done, engineers aren't that lucky. Either you have to be a Richard Gere or Swami Gilfanandha to get into the peck books of Shilpa

Note : Rakhi Sawant's childhood ambition was to become an Engineer too.

Happy Engineers day.



  1. It's looking like the kitchen in your Home!! Is that U with the Laptop sorry I-pod!!!

  2. Happy Engineers Day :) :) Enjoy Being Engineer :P

    **Thank God am not an engineer**

  3. I take this as an insult to me :P


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