Tuesday, September 13, 2011

481. One Fanta, 8 Girls,and a Quarter.

Number of people Involved in the adventure : 8 girls

Adventure : Getting drunk

How? : Mix one quarter whiskey with 500 ml of fanta and gulp them all down

1) All set for the adventure

Bottle ready, Tumbler ready, fanta ready and girls are ready too.

2) The whiskey is poured into the tumbler, Pickle is also ready now. All set to gulp and get drunk

3) My head is spinning

The next day, the girls went around telling their friends that they too have passed the grade and are expert drunkards.

Women prove all drunk-quotes do not apply to them with their actions.

A man's (woman's) true character comes out when he's/ she's drunk.
Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is proved wrong by the girls. The True character never comes out even when they are completely sloshed.

An American monkey, after getting drunk on brandy, would never touch it again, and thus is much wiser than most men.
Charles Darwin

Hope you guys got the hidden pun in the above quote.

A final message.

Please don't get drunk in wild parties like this. Do you remember the lovely actress Divyabharti who died after she fell down from the window because she was drunk?

Say No to Getting Drunk.

- Chronicwriter


  1. wow
    awsome post..!
    keep writing..!

  2. Amusing last line: "Say no to getting drunk." Did you really mean THAT or did you mean no to drinking per se? ;)

    I have never got drunk so far, nor do I have any intentions of doing so.

  3. Chrissy boiii ! It is most amazing to post here here again .. :D
    I love, love, how this guy who used to work for some ToP Secret agency writes stuff that puts a huge grin on my face, and one such post was this too ! Way to go :D

  4. @suvaiba : thanks. i will

    @srinivas : i meant not to get drunk. i am not against drinking.

    @crystal : welcome back my daaaahlin


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