Friday, September 02, 2011

479. Corrupt people fight against Corruption

We are all back in business after Anna Hazare won freedom for our country with his three points.
For one whole week, I was glued to the TV. The NDTV and Times Now gave exact contradicting versions of the same story. Barkha Dutt and Arnab Gowsami took time to interrogate, drill and rip apart many politicians. My next post is about them. Anna is out of hospital and we are back to our normal mode with the happiness of winning our battle against corruption.

Have we really won the battle against corruption?

Corruption starts at home. We first learn it from our parents. Then we re-learn it and apply it in school. We copy and paste our answers in class exams. This habit is then carried forward to the social networking space too, where we copy quotes, jokes and post it as ours. We are fundamentally corrupt from within. We lie. We have hatred against people. We gossip. We disobey traffic rules. "What is a Zebra Line?" Many of us do not even know. Many roads do not even have Zebra lines. Many cities, towns, villages do not even have roads. All the money are eaten, bribed, and excreted by corrupt people. We are a part of it.

My dear Friend Soumya caught in her act of copying during exams.

I have copied in exams too. I have copied ideas from others to post blogs and earn a good report. Does comments and compliments mean anything when we really know that we don't deserve it? Why am I ranting now? I am ranting because we are unstable and we are soooooo corrupt. We do things that we are not supposed to do and we fail to do things that we are supposed to do. Check the following pictures to understand this.

A pair of slippers that costs less then 50 bucks (1 USD) is not safe in our country. It needs protection. People even steal dirty socks and under-wears that are left in drying stands.

We trash our waste in places where we are not supposed to trash. We spit pawn on walls. We urinate everywhere, because we have the right to pee everywhere.

We disobey signs and messages. But still we raise slogans and raise our support in our fight against corruption.

Finally, if the people who are supposed to protect us starts to steal from us, even if 1000 Anna Hazares hold millions of fasts, nothing is gonna change.

No one can stop corruption. Only our Gabtun can. It is really dreadful to fall into the dangerous hands of Gabtun.



  1. Excellent Blog Prason; Simple and best Explanation abt us. We can stop corruption anywhere but we don't mess with trafic police, they are living got of corruption in India!!

  2. well i agree with the line that we are fundamentally corrupt

    but the point is if you the problem then we should know the solution too..!
    anywayz keep writing

  3. i wish the camera had gone a little more laterally to gabtun...

  4. thoughtful post.. I never liked this Anna Hazare thingy... I just pitied him.. Paavam andha manushan unna viradham irukararu but nobody seem to follow small petty rules!! Tat's why I wasn't much interested in this LOKPAL BILL..

    P.S. Please remove GABDUN photo... unga blog visit pana BAYAMA IRUKU :P

  5. hey i think u hav a better suiting pic for 'disobeying signs'???!!!


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