Tuesday, August 30, 2011

478. Why did Anna stop his fast?

Intelligent reports from across the border has confirmed that Anna stopped his fast because he wanted to eat Mutton Dhum Biriyani.

Other intelligent reports from inside the border give contradictory reports for the same.

The following are some of the reasons for Anna stopping his fast.

1) When Gaptun was referred to as the Anna Hazare of Tamil Nadu, Anna could not take it any longer and he ended his fast.

2) When Dr. Vijay was hailed as the Anna Hazare of Tamilnadu, the original Anna Hazare had an attack of dysentery. He understood that the Parliament was taking too much time to pass the motion. To avoid a different kind of loose motion, Anna stopped his fast.

3) Shilpa, Meera and Neena did this in front of Anna Hazare.

4) Prime Minister sent free passes to Anna Hazare for the movie "Karadi Kid"

5) When Captain Vijay looked into Anna's eyes and asked the question " Ungalukkum idhukkum enna sammandham? Bombayla neenga enna pannitu irundhinga? sollunga! Neenga Yaaru? Ivvalavu naaal enga irundheenga neenga? ", Anna had no other choice.

Those who have seen the Tamil movie Baasha will understand the above line.

Today is Ramzan. Eid Mubarak. Somebody told me that Biriyani is not an Indian dish and it should be driven out of our motherland. Will Anna Hazare hold a fast to drive away Biriyani from our motherland? We should wait and watch.

We can never fast against Biriyani ~ Benedict Gnaniah

- Chronicwriter

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  1. You'e BACK with a BANG, eh, as they say? :D Enjoyed it.

    aanaalum neenga romba mosam Chriz. Ravindra Jadeja is back in the team (as GAMBHIR's replacement). unga seyal dhaane? :D neenga silend-aa irukkumbodhe theriyidhu. ;)

    One more post on Ravi Jadeja pleeeeaaase :D


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