Tuesday, July 12, 2011

473. My Maamaa and his Lady Love.

Hi everyone!

This is Jolena here. I am writing this post as my maamaa is busy on the phone with my aunt. The other day, I over heard him speaking on the phone. He tried cracking some jokes, that were not funny even for a four year old girl like me. I feel sorry for my aunt (Joan) for listening to all the PJs that my maamaa cracks over the phone.

He also tries to be romantic over the phone. He uses some funny names to address her. A few of the names are "Laddoo, Chellam and Pondaatti". He uses more funny names. I will reveal all those names soon.

The other night, he was reading bed night stories for me, when his mobile phone rang. He picked the phone and started talking on the phone. I was angry with him because he did not complete reading the story for me. He started telling all romantic stories to my aunt. I acted as if I did not understand anything. But I know all details :)

One day, he came to me and said, " Do you want to talk to athai (Joan) ?"
I said, " Will you buy me a Barbie doll and sweets?"

He agreed to my conditions. Then I talked with my athai (aunt- Joan) on the phone. She talked fine. Then my brother (Jeremy) talked with her too.

Two weeks ago, we went to Chennai, to my maamaa's (chronicwriter) house. The house was very dirty. So my brother and I started cleaning the house.

After cleaning the house, I prepared a "To-Do" list for the wedding. Woooof! It was indeed a long list. I am the flower girl for his wedding too. If you wanna catch a glimpse of me in my pretty dress, you gotta come for my maamaa's wedding. In the picture below, you can see me preparing the "To-Do" list. My brother is playing a video game.

Then my maamaa saw the "To-Do" list and he was happy. To show our happiness, we made a loud hurrah in unison. We woke the neighbors with our noise.

The neighbors tried to calm us down by threatening us with their stares. But they ran away, when they saw our "Muscle Power".

I personally advised my maamaa not to scare my aunt by showing similar Muscle Power skills to her. I hope, he would obey me. Then we created mayhem in the neighborhood by warning all the neighbors not to mess with my maamaa. They got scared and ran inside their homes.

This is our latest picture taken at our Grandpa's house in Nagercoil. There is a big mango tree in the backyard. We love eating mangoes. We pluck the mangoes from the tree and give them to our maamaa. He cuts the mangoes, sprinkles some salt and chilly powder and mixes it with sliced onions and tops it up with some sev. Believe me , it is yummy.

My maamaa used to steal mangoes [link] from the neighbour's house when he was a kid. He is a very bad example to all the kids in the country.

Moral of the story : Don't steal.



  1. Adorable post, Chriz :)

  2. How do i get to see this pretty flower girl.. who broke the romance of the decade news... ????

    Jolena, ur maamaa wont dare steal mangoes in Chennai... well with Joan around he may just about have the guts ..

  3. wish Renu akka comes and reads this blogpost :P

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  5. Firstly congrats ! .. as a routine once again admirable post .. good one .

  6. and dats wat i say is a really cute post...wonderful read dear :)


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