Wednesday, July 06, 2011

471. Chrony's bachelor days are numbered.

Her name is Joan.

Arranged marriages are fun indeed.

This part of life is called as HappYness (Yus. I watched the Will Smith movie again).

No one is gonna take this page on a serious note.

But you just gotta trust me on this, coz there is no other choice.

Click the picture for a better-enlarged view

At last the Funny Bone has found his Rib Bone

Stay Tuned for more (Romantic) updates.

- Special Correspondent.


  1. @ Chriz : Congrats :)

    @ Jean : All the best !

    P.S. : My day started on a happy note.

  2. nambalaaamaaaaa? (yennatha kannayyaa shtyle! :D)

    If it's true, I am truly happy for you. My wishes will always be there :)

    PS: If the Mr. X in the footnote denotes a prank, I don't know what to say. ;)

  3. Congratulations.. Advance Wedding Wishes... :)

  4. Congrats and all the best :)

  5. wow! that's great news.
    So finally someone is getting married :P
    ATB :D

  6. Her name is Joan. Thanks everyone for the wishes

  7. wow!!! cool!!! May God bless you both!!!!!

  8. REALLY??? Let's wait for the wedding pictures ;)

  9. Man!! I just wonder. Well Ms.Joan had ever gone through your blog "A Poem for my fiancee"?? If so hats off to her ;-) eh eh

  10. Prason anna..Super..congrats :) :)

  11. Really? do you have proof? haha ok kidding.... But show us a picture of her, no? So we can rest in peace.

    Anyways, congratulations!

  12. Congrats Chriz ,
    Very much happy to see you Happy , may God always give you the best in ur life:)


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