Tuesday, July 12, 2011

473. My Maamaa and his Lady Love.

Hi everyone!

This is Jolena here. I am writing this post as my maamaa is busy on the phone with my aunt. The other day, I over heard him speaking on the phone. He tried cracking some jokes, that were not funny even for a four year old girl like me. I feel sorry for my aunt (Joan) for listening to all the PJs that my maamaa cracks over the phone.

He also tries to be romantic over the phone. He uses some funny names to address her. A few of the names are "Laddoo, Chellam and Pondaatti". He uses more funny names. I will reveal all those names soon.

The other night, he was reading bed night stories for me, when his mobile phone rang. He picked the phone and started talking on the phone. I was angry with him because he did not complete reading the story for me. He started telling all romantic stories to my aunt. I acted as if I did not understand anything. But I know all details :)

One day, he came to me and said, " Do you want to talk to athai (Joan) ?"
I said, " Will you buy me a Barbie doll and sweets?"

He agreed to my conditions. Then I talked with my athai (aunt- Joan) on the phone. She talked fine. Then my brother (Jeremy) talked with her too.

Two weeks ago, we went to Chennai, to my maamaa's (chronicwriter) house. The house was very dirty. So my brother and I started cleaning the house.

After cleaning the house, I prepared a "To-Do" list for the wedding. Woooof! It was indeed a long list. I am the flower girl for his wedding too. If you wanna catch a glimpse of me in my pretty dress, you gotta come for my maamaa's wedding. In the picture below, you can see me preparing the "To-Do" list. My brother is playing a video game.

Then my maamaa saw the "To-Do" list and he was happy. To show our happiness, we made a loud hurrah in unison. We woke the neighbors with our noise.

The neighbors tried to calm us down by threatening us with their stares. But they ran away, when they saw our "Muscle Power".

I personally advised my maamaa not to scare my aunt by showing similar Muscle Power skills to her. I hope, he would obey me. Then we created mayhem in the neighborhood by warning all the neighbors not to mess with my maamaa. They got scared and ran inside their homes.

This is our latest picture taken at our Grandpa's house in Nagercoil. There is a big mango tree in the backyard. We love eating mangoes. We pluck the mangoes from the tree and give them to our maamaa. He cuts the mangoes, sprinkles some salt and chilly powder and mixes it with sliced onions and tops it up with some sev. Believe me , it is yummy.

My maamaa used to steal mangoes [link] from the neighbour's house when he was a kid. He is a very bad example to all the kids in the country.

Moral of the story : Don't steal.


Friday, July 08, 2011

472. Why did Obama call me?

Last night, I was busy on the phone with my fiancee. Suddenly He came in the second line. Yes it was the same guy who won the US presidential elections by speaking my lines -"Yes. We Can". I did not pick his call.

Why did Obama call me?

Why does he have to call me in the middle of the night?

Osama is already dead. Still Why did he call me?

Why isn't ground-nut frying a peaceful job yet?

Any guesses why he would have called?

- Chronicwriter

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

471. Chrony's bachelor days are numbered.

Her name is Joan.

Arranged marriages are fun indeed.

This part of life is called as HappYness (Yus. I watched the Will Smith movie again).

No one is gonna take this page on a serious note.

But you just gotta trust me on this, coz there is no other choice.

Click the picture for a better-enlarged view

At last the Funny Bone has found his Rib Bone

Stay Tuned for more (Romantic) updates.

- Special Correspondent.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

470. The head stand for dummies.

I was away from the blogging scene as I was on a one week fast, fighting against corruption. But being someone who is modest and homely, I did not publicize it like the Hazares and the Ramdevs. I finally broke my fast when I found that Emraan Hashmi is gonna act again.

Due to my fast, I have a developed a size -zero figure again and with this figure, I was able to do all the nautanki stunts that I used to do when I was a teenager. The head spin is one of my favorite stunt moves.

My niece and nephew (Jolena and Jeremy) are in India and they happened to see the head spins and immediately with the same nautanki blood flowing in their veins, they wanted to follow suit. Jeremy tried the head stand, many a times and when he discovered that it involves a systematic process, he came to me and said, "Maamaa, Teach me the head stand"

So here we go, Ladies/ gentlemen and others,

The one and only head stand - for the first time in this blog.
( This Chronicwriter is one self-trumpet-blowing-species. Get used to him)

Step 1 : Stand on all fours like a dog and place your palms on the ground. The pressure should be given to the hands.

Step 2 : Place your hand on the ground. Make sure that the head and the two palms form an equilateral triangle on the floor. Give less pressure to the head. Don't place the forehead on the ground. You might dislocate your neck.

Step 3 : Now, put all your body weight on your two palms. The head is used just for the support.

Precautions :

  • If you are trying this for the first time, use a soft surface.
  • Never try this immediately after a meal.
Benefits :
  • Good supply of blood to the head
  • High energy
  • Good supply of blood to the eyes. Hence a good vision. ( If you still can't see properly, you have to switch on the lights)

Jeremy tried the Head stand too. He has not succeeded doing it perfectly so far. But he has the confidence and the never-say-die spirit. So he will do it.

Poor Jolena was watching all the stunts from a corner. She came to me and said, "Maama, Let us watch TANGLED ". All three of us, then watched the Rapunzel fairytale (Tangled). I have started liking animated movies. In fact, I have started talking like the characters in the animated movies.

This snap is for all the blog readers.

Please try the head stand and take pictures of your head stand and send to me at prason@chronicwriter.com. I will feature those pictures in my blog.

Be Good.

Stay Safe.