I wrote my first love letter when I was in Kindergarten. Check the post about my first Love letter here [link]. I wrote that first love letter for my Kindergarten Love of my life- Renu. She is now married with two Kids and one husband.

My tryst with Love letters continued for a long time. I have written 100s of love letters for my friends and many of those love letters have yielded great results. Many such couples who were fixed by my Love letters are now happily married with children. I am not responsible for the children.

When I was in class 8, I wrote a letter with blood that made my Renu to give her heart to me for 4 days before my villain Shabir intervened and took her away from me by presenting her with a Dairy Milk Chocolate.

I wrote my last love letter in the year 2005 during my MBA days. I wrote it for a friend of mine. He gave it to his girlfriend. Now they are married. How ever he has doubts on me because their kid resembles me.

I have this crazy habit of venturing into a territory, especially when someone tells me that I can't do that. I took to dancing when my dance teacher in School did, not allow me to join the school dance team, because she thought that I had two left legs. Advice to the readers : If you have two left legs, you will become a great tap dancer. The great tap dancer Gene Kelly had two left legs.

This morning, my friend told me that I can't write a love letter. Hence I am gonna use this post to write a Love letter for my fiancee. Do I have a fiancee? or Do I not? I leave it to your imagination.

Love letter to my Fiancee

I have a picture of you
which is like Hot Chicken stew.
Jackie Chan is a master of KungFu
I take a break and go to the Loo.

I eat bread for breakfast
Baba Ramdev is on a fast
In the exam I come last
If I pierce a Balloon, it will blast.

My Doberman dog does not have a tail.
Kanimozhi madam is in Tihar Jail.
Vijay Mallya got aapu from R Ashwin.
You are the answer for my every Question.

Mandira Bedi does not smoke beedi
You are my evergreen Lady
I work out to get a Gym Body
Pickle and Crab goes along with Toddy.

I can't stand when you Cry.
So I will sit and eat Mutton Fry.
On your Lips I plant a Kiss.
But your mouth stinks, so please brush dear Miss.

Prince William cooks for Kate Middleton
My eyes are aching because I looked at the Sun
I like your hairstyle when you tie it in a bun.
When you let your hair free,away from you I will Run

My love for you oozes out like a Volcano's Lava.
Your daddy rides a very old Java
"Vada Poche", exclaimed the Old Aayaa.
I very well know that you will give me Halwa.

Cockroach dies when I spray HIT.
Is this love letter worser than SHIT?
Navjot Singh Siddhu's mouth should be KNIT.
If you leave me, my life would have no meaning in IT.

- Chrony The Poet.