Disclaimer: No Pigs were murdered while typing this post.

Note : This post is gonna be gross. Decent people can stop here. Please don't proceed any further

Additional Note: Now as you are reading this line, you are proving to the entire world that you are indecent like me. So join the club. Read on.

Why there?

I have seen people go through pain and suffering because of various reasons. Pregnant ladies go through a life-after-death experience during child birth. Don't ask me how life would be after death. I have never been there.

People who suffer from Piles go through much pain too. Why would an extra growth find a strategic place like the rear end of a human being to make its great grand appearance?

If you are a close friend of mine, you would have known that I am on a weight-gaining mission. I had an initial plan of piling 10 kilograms in 50 days. After 10 days of heavy eating, I gained three kilograms. Suddenly I felt like a pregnant woman. Hence to avoid the risk of child birth, I have gone back to my original diet. I can now relate with all the pregnant women in the world. If you need a shoulder to cry on, you can have mine.

I have never been a victim of Piles nor do I wish to be one in the future. But in the past 24 hours, I have been suffering from a different form of extra growth. It has very painful side effects too.

  1. When I yawn , I feel the pain.
  2. When I blink, it hurts.
  3. When I smile, I get the terrible pain again.
  4. I can't even brush my teeth in peace
  5. This morning I tried poking my ear with ear-buds. I felt that terrible pain once again

Why did it come there? Why there? When I breathe, it hurts. How can breathing be a not-so-good experience? Yes a brand new HEAT BOIL has grown inside my left nose. It hurts big time. You might say, " Come on. It is not severe like piles, cos you are not sitting on your nose"

But do you know that I breathe through my nose. On public demand, I am adding a latest picture of nose. I have censored that portion of the nose where the Heat Boil is located. You must be 18 years or more than that to have a glimpse of the Naked Heat Boil.

If you wish to have a look at the heat boil, plz shoot a mailto prason@chronicwriter.com along with a donation of USD 1033 (Inclusive of Value Added Taxes). Part of the money would be used to buy clothes for Poonam Pandey.