Tuesday, April 26, 2011

459. Why there?

Disclaimer: No Pigs were murdered while typing this post.

Note : This post is gonna be gross. Decent people can stop here. Please don't proceed any further

Additional Note: Now as you are reading this line, you are proving to the entire world that you are indecent like me. So join the club. Read on.

Why there?

I have seen people go through pain and suffering because of various reasons. Pregnant ladies go through a life-after-death experience during child birth. Don't ask me how life would be after death. I have never been there.

People who suffer from Piles go through much pain too. Why would an extra growth find a strategic place like the rear end of a human being to make its great grand appearance?

If you are a close friend of mine, you would have known that I am on a weight-gaining mission. I had an initial plan of piling 10 kilograms in 50 days. After 10 days of heavy eating, I gained three kilograms. Suddenly I felt like a pregnant woman. Hence to avoid the risk of child birth, I have gone back to my original diet. I can now relate with all the pregnant women in the world. If you need a shoulder to cry on, you can have mine.

I have never been a victim of Piles nor do I wish to be one in the future. But in the past 24 hours, I have been suffering from a different form of extra growth. It has very painful side effects too.

  1. When I yawn , I feel the pain.
  2. When I blink, it hurts.
  3. When I smile, I get the terrible pain again.
  4. I can't even brush my teeth in peace
  5. This morning I tried poking my ear with ear-buds. I felt that terrible pain once again

Why did it come there? Why there? When I breathe, it hurts. How can breathing be a not-so-good experience? Yes a brand new HEAT BOIL has grown inside my left nose. It hurts big time. You might say, " Come on. It is not severe like piles, cos you are not sitting on your nose"

But do you know that I breathe through my nose. On public demand, I am adding a latest picture of nose. I have censored that portion of the nose where the Heat Boil is located. You must be 18 years or more than that to have a glimpse of the Naked Heat Boil.

If you wish to have a look at the heat boil, plz shoot a mailto prason@chronicwriter.com along with a donation of USD 1033 (Inclusive of Value Added Taxes). Part of the money would be used to buy clothes for Poonam Pandey.



  1. gross dude :P a result of boredom at work?

  2. you need a girlfriend now! go grab poonam pandey or else the heat boils would start appearing somewhere else! even your red underwear won't be of any help! run man run!

  3. Where are the ABVP activists when they are really needed? Censorship beckons!

  4. U said the boil is on ur left nose, but in the picture it's censored on the right.. "naadhaari thanam pannaalum naasookka pannanum" :P

  5. @Sri : Only you have noticed the error. The others haven't even taken notice of that.

    BTW could it be a mirror image?

  6. adhu ungalukku dhaan theriyanum boss.. it was u who posted it :P

  7. webcamla eduthadhaala mirror effect..

    now only touched my mooku to cross chekku.. peechangai pakkamdhaan..


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