Thursday, April 14, 2011

456. Same Guy?

The characters in each Picture are one and the same

1) Appam Chappathy @Gopumon

2) Puppy Patel

3) Dhoni the Rock Johnson

4) Antenna Jawaharlal Nehra

5) Defnition of a Gorilla Cell : Being in a discussion with the following 3

6. Slinga Williams

7. Now this is an unrelated picture. But where is Poonam Pandey?
8. The Munaf - The baby bottom shaven face

9. I can hear those bad words. :)



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Lol.. :P Loved TRR and Munaf..

    BTW, Tom Cruise... hmmm.. No comments

  3. hahaha... Luved Parthiv's pic.... Superb! U r a genius!!!

  4. ROTFL!

    were you the dupe who jumped from that car in minority report's famous chase scene??

  5. that was wonderful.btw who was the one beside rakhi?also where did you get that pic from omg gopumon will suicide if he sees that pic

  6. good collection..but who is that one to the left of ur photos? ;)

  7. Navjot, ....... and Arnab Ghoswamy

  8. Hilariously nice!!:P
    Especially the last!!

    Btw, if u r trying to guess who the hell I am, I just a new follower of your blog!!:)

  9. even gopuman's mom cannot boast about him! you can write his biography!


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