Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad - Proverb

A very personal letter to a person who gave me the definition of the word "Daddy"
[For Public Display. I have never done this. But I don't care anymore]

Dear Pappa!

I am thankful for what you gave me.
An offer that I can never refuse
Your impartation of God given Wisdom through Love.
Which I would cherish all through my life with a wow.

Your family came first to you and your work was next.
It didn't matter to you even if it meant that you had no rest.
You were there when we needed you.
Family get together, prayer fellowships, dinners and outings.
We were your first priority

I haven't seen a better mathematician than you.
I am awed by the scientist who is a part you.
When I see the respect that you get in the society, I am glad.
And when you go with a convoy, I say to my friends, "That VIP is my dad".

I tease you
I make fun of you and
I pull your legs
Things that no one else in the Government has dared to do.

You never wanted me to be like you;
You neither forced your ideas on me

You always wanted to see me as the Individual I am.

You have always adored me for who I am

40 years - 1 Job
6 years - 5 Jobs

That's the difference between You and Me.

I am not organised like you.

I never had a goal in life.
I moved along with the flow
I have been a complete failure; but
I have learnt my lessons now
I have let you down in the past
I have broken your heart
But Dad, I am evolving.

I have seen you dad, the way you took care of Grandpa during the last days of his life. You did your duty as a son. You always Honored your parents.

You have set a benchmark; which is a herculean mountain for me to climb.

Thrice - I have seen you cry.
One - When Grandpa died ,
Two - When Grandma passed away,
Three - When I broke my leg.

You gave me Mom and What more do I need?
First, it was akka and then it was me.
My definition of a Happy Family.

Your choice for your life partner was a perfect woman.
I know what to look for when my heart does the scan.
I am aware that you'll wait with me
To see me happy with my own little family

"The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother." Theodore M. Hesburgh.

I have never seen a romantic couple like you and mom. Theodore might have had you in his mind when he made that statement.
If people ask me " Is your dad always right?," my answer would be No!
If people ask me " Was he always perfect?," my answer would be No!
If they ask me " Is your dad the strongest?," my answer would be No!
If they ask me " Is your Dad the wisest?," my answer would be No!

"Then What's all this fuss? What is so special about him?," they might ask...

My answer would be:
He is My Dad and that's all you need to know
Happy 59th Birthday Pappa!
God bless you.

Love and Prayers,