Thursday, April 07, 2011

453. The Gopumon Chronicles

Why did Dhoni do a Tonsure?

When you are done with the ten pictures, you will know the answer

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Poonam Pandey is also an excellent dancer. Why am I saying this now? Totally irrelevant. But Page clicks are guaranteed.
Sreesanth's dance moves during the practice sessions are a treat to watch.

When Dhoni said that one can irritate the opposition; but one should not irritate the team members, Who was he referring to?
Sreesanth and Shaun Tait are the two most wayward bowlers in the International scene today. They are excellent Test bowlers. But in the one day format, they are the jokers in the pack

Rajnikanth watched the cricket world cup finals 2011 from the stands. When ever he came on TV, we erupted in joy. The power of superstar.

The only man who sledges his own team mates, opposition team mates, Umpires and even himself.
Zaheer Khan also lost his rhythm after watching Sreesanth's bowling prowesses.

In the above picture, can you see the grin on Raina's face as he gently taps Sehwag's shoulders to make him look at Sreesanth's expression.

The mystery behind the Tonsured effect.



  1. Ho Ho! This theory made me LOL to the power of infinity!

  2. lol seriously this is getting hilarious day by day :D

  3. I search for a Like-button here. Sreesanth & you make us laugh always!

  4. Where is the FB Like button .. :) :D


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