Wednesday, March 23, 2011

449. Do you remember us?

Do you guys remember me?

Yes! I am Jolena. I am a big girl now and I am growing my hair like my Uncle- Chronicwriter. I am now going to school and I have learnt to throw attitude also. Now a days , I don't get scared of the dark; still I hate sleeping. But my folks put me to sleep by 9 pm. This is what happened last week. My mom tucked me in bed, gave me a good night kiss and went downstairs. After five minutes

Jolena: Mommeeeee
Mom : What?
Jolena : I want to drink Milo.
Mom : Not anymore. Now its your bed time. Go to sleep.

After five minutes

Jolena : Mommy! I am thirsty. Can I have Milo?
Mom: I said no. If you ask again, you will be spanked.

After Five minutes

Jolena : Mommy
Mom : What?
Jolena : When you come to spank me, can you please bring the Milo?

My mom says that I have a good voice. My brother is my super hero. He plays the guitar, piano and he can run very fast. He taught me to use the computer. Now I know to operate the computer on my own. My brother is a very good dancer. In my humble opinion, my brother dances better than my uncle.

How do I look in sunglasses? This is how I throw attitude. I wear the glasses everywhere I go. School, Playground, Home or Malls, I have them on me all the time. I even wear them while taking a nap. These days everything looks brownish in color. Even white rice looks brown. I have fallen many a times because of the sun glasses. But nothing is gonna deter me from wearing glasses.

That is my brother Jeremy. He is very strong. He can do somersaults and He can even perform Kattas on Karate. He can defeat Jaedon Smith. I know this for sure. The other day he broke a brick into two halves. My uncle is also a black belt in Karate or should I say that he claims that he is a black belt in the art. My brother likes the subject Chemistry. He writes lot of chemical formulas on his notebook. He says H20 is Hot water and C02 is Cold water. Do you agree with him?

Special Note: My Uncle was brutally attacked by three women as they were furious with him for writing the previous blog post. Hence I am posting an article on his blog today.

My brother and I love the snow. After school, we go out and play with snow. We tried making the snow man. But it ended up looking like our Uncle. Taking a bath in winter is a pain. I run around the house when mom calls me to take a bath.

Do I look like an Eskimo. BTW How do I call the people who live in Moscow? Can I call them Mosquitoes ?

Too much of snow is not good for health. We might catch a cold if we remain here in the snow for a long time. Spray some Axe spray on your nose to be free from Nose-blocks. My Uncle did that last week and now he has dysentery because of that. So we are gonna go indoors and start doing our home work. You can also go back to your work. Stop using facebook during work hours and stop using proxy sites to access blocked sites in office. This is my sign-off message.

Love you all. Muah



  1. i don't know but your post is as sweet as you. anywz,nice to meet u:)

  2. Nice blog, I need to go through your blog completely just to get few idea about writing skills and techniques...

  3. good, especially the hot water and cold water chemical formula was very funny..

  4. good, especially the hot water and cold water chemical formula was very funny..


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