Wednesday, March 16, 2011

445. World Cup Tamasha 2011

India is a cricketing team that always appears strong on paper. But in the Ongoing world cup, they are seen stumbling along. They defeated the minnows like Bangladesh, Netherlands and Ireland without much hassle ( Err, They struggled to get past Ireland ) ; but found the going tough against England and South Africa

Barring Sachin Tendulkar every member of the Indian team have let us down in this world cup. Sehwag, Yusuf, Virat showed momentary forms but lacked in consistency. Dhoni's not-so-brilliant moves which won him the inaugural T-20 world cup is not reliable anymore. Bringing on Nehra in the final over against SA where he was molested by Peterson was a classic example.

Joginder Sharma was lucky against Pakistan in the T20 finals. But things are not the same anymore. Raina is still warming the bench and Ashwin (who can be a real threat) is still waiting for a chance to grip the ball. Every Tom, Dick and Harry has something to say about cricket. Last year even my 73 year old neighbor started talking about world cup football when Football fever gripped the world. I can sense the same thing. In another two weeks, we would be talking about IPL. The Shahrukh Khan, Preity Zinta, Katrina Kaif, Blimp, Ravi Shastri Jokes will be back in action.

For the last 20 years, Indian Cricket has heavily relied on Sachin Tendulkar. The team has let him down many a times. The team has let him down in this world cup too. What will Team India be without Sachin? A question for which many would never have an answer. The Indian team that won the first T20 world cup in South Africa did not have Sachin. This is a clear indication of the fact that our team could indeed perform without him. But what exactly is the problem now?

How can this problem be rectified?

  • Should Mandira Bedi be brought back to the Indian Dressing room for some pep talk?
  • Should someone stuff a cork in Navjot Singh Sidhu's mouth?
  • Should Sreesanth lead the Indian Cheer girl's team and cheer the team to Glory?
  • Should Dhoni be replaced by Deep Das Gupta behind the stumps?
  • Should India's greatest all rounder "Ravindra Jadeja be included in place of Sehwag?

Questions are many. But If anyone can come up with a solution, I could try to talk with BCCI and implement the solution to benefit team India. We don't have much time in our hands. If the Indian team's performance continues the same way, we would even see them making their exit from the world cup. The Indian Cricket team has even practiced some steps that would help them to minimize damages when angry fans attack them from behind. This is one of the moves

The spin department has lacked the sting in this world cup. Harbhajan , who was not at his best, found his form in the match against South Africa. When even my 3 year old niece would have selected him to bowl the last over against South Africa in which the Africans needed more than a dozen runs to score, Dhoni did the unthinkable. Nehra was given the ball and the Africans had a ball. Nehra was brutally assaulted. When two cricketers (Sachin and Bhajji) perform amazingly well only to be left high and dry, they can either get angry or sad. But in the case of Sachin and Bhajji, they just laughed it off and started playing "Ring aring of roses, a pocketfull of posies, atishoo, atishoo, all fall down"

Some one becomes the butt of all jokes in every World cup. It was Gibbs in one of the earlier World cups when he dropped a sitter from Steve Waugh. This time, for team India, the undoubted joker is Ashish Nehra.

But still, Kamran Akmal beats Nehra by a large margin with his drop(pings). We would have heard the famous quote that behind every successful man there is woman. On the same lines , we can very surely say that behind every successful batsman there is Kamran Akmal.

Will Team India win the 2011 World cup for the country and for the Little Master?

Are you low, sad and angry because of India's performance in this world cup? Just one look at this smiling face would drive all that feelings into the trash bin.

Sachin! We adore you

- Chronicwriter


  1. I thought this time India can win the World Cup 2011 but if we want to become a world Champion we have to become more determined about our bowling and fielding. Batting is not a big concern and we can chase big targets.

  2. seriously, those pics were funny man:)
    as for Kamran, he must be offered prayers by most batsmen every morning!

    no cork on Sidhu's mouth yaar....plsssss no!

    my suggestion is to pay them as per their performance...???:)

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  5. I spent the last two days on your blog and I haven't gone to office yet. You will be held responsible if i am chucked from work


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