Wednesday, March 02, 2011

443. Bathing and the Age Factor

Note: This is a post about Boys.

Age 3 and below : Mom takes care of your daily bath. We all smell so nice and wonderful during this period. Johnson and Johnson is one product that took full advantage of this age group.

Age 3 to Age 5 : Our experimentation with self-bathing exercise is kick-started. Almost all of us get it wrong when it comes to applying the soap on our face. Mom comes to the rescue when she hears the loud scream that comes from the bathroom. The bathroom looks like a war scene during this period.

Age 6 - Age 10 : This is the period when one becomes a master in the bathing experience. Decent amount of water is poured on the body before and after the soap is applied. The bathing process is also quick. One takes less than 5 minutes to take bath. Children living in South India apply coconut Oil prior to taking bath.

Age 11 - Age 13 : The Ugly Ducklings. No one in this age group would love to have a bath. Instead, They would prefer to play in the streets with a cricket bat and a ball. Mom's would get mad at their boys. The boys would smell like Rotten Eggs and they would look like Sreesanth during this period.

Age 14 - Age 17 : The Golden Age. Suddenly, the Bathroom becomes the most special place for boys of this age group. They would even spend an hour inside the bathroom. The one hour is usually spent on thinking about world peace, making the country a better place to live in, striving for gender equality for women, dreaming about sending 2G-spectrum rockets to space and many more useful things.

Age 18 - 21 : This is the time when most of the boys would be having a whale of a time in their college life. Everyone would love to look like Edward Cullen. New bathroom products are applied on their bodies and as a result most men would end up looking like a male version of Rakhi Sawant.

Age 22-26 : The Fast-food age. Men would be working in some IT firms. They take three minutes to take a bath. But the post grooming process goes on for an hour. Expensive perfumes are a part of this process. Almost everyone uses an Axe-Body spray with the hope of making heads turn at them. How ever the body-spray has a peculiar output especially when it mixes with sweat.

Age 26 and Above : Complicated Era. For some , it would become the Golden age. For many it would still be the Fast-food age. For a few, it is natural disaster period. It depends on the kind of life partner that one gets during this period.

The Chennai Effect : All through my life, I had the habit of using at least 500 liters of water while taking bath. The shower would be always on even when I applied soap all over my body (Like Preity Zinta in the Liril Ad). I never had the opportunity to take bath like Sharukh Khan (Remember the Lux Ad?). Now let me come back to the topic. All these years, "The save water" campaign fell into my deaf ears. But now I know what it really means. Yes! I am now in Chennai for good. I am getting used to taking bath in half a bucket of water.

Two mugs are used before applying the soap and four mugs of water are used after the soap is applied. I would soon look like Sreesanth. My two year Singapore stint has finally come to an end. I would soon be writing a few articles about my experience in Singapore.

Doubt : Should I write a post on women and their relationship to bathing?



  1. well just as long as you are taking a bath, life shall go on odorless...although i am quite curious to see you don the Sreeshant avatar. wouldn't that be a sight!

    welcome back to India mate. chullu bhar paani mein dooblo!! :D

  2. Welcome back to good old India ! :-)

    ROFL @ your comparison of looks with sreesanth!! :P very apt!

  3. Hey Chriz

    Im a regular reader of your blog. I like your writing skills,creative thinking and sense of humor very much.

    About this post, I would just like to say..ROFL...


  4. hehehehahahhaaa Chriz!!!

    i liked the 14-17 bracket...u sure came up with the idea of this crazy blog of urs in that age, didnt u?
    how's renu? ;)

    dont remind me of Chennai's water excesses, plsssss!

    n yes welcome back to good old Chennai (in India;))

  5. evn i use 500 litres of water...the shower's always on wile m usin soap :D


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