Free advice is one art that is mastered by every human being. Everybody loves to advice others. Every human being has this mental itch to comment on any topic , even if he has no clue on that topic. The Blogging platforms and Social networking sites like Facbook have identified this mental itch of human beings and they have formulated various ways to allow human beings to voice their opinion on anything under the sun.

First let us start with Facebook

The blogging platforms have taken pains to introduce a section called as the "Comments section". Any Tom, Dick and Harry can post any nonsense in this section. Facebook has gone one step ahead in this case.In addition to the comment box, They have also introduced the Like button.

Let me tell you two important ways of using the Like Button.
  1. If you Like the person , all you have to do is click the Like button to what ever he posts as his status message. Don't forget to click the Like Button on all the comments of people who support the status message of the person.

  2. If you don't like the person, do not click the Like button on any of his status messages or posts. But, have a close watch on what ever he posts as his status message. When ever anyone opposes his views by bashing him with a snubbing comment, go ahead and click the Like Button on that Snubbing comment. By doing so, you are conveying the message that you don't like him. (Chronicwriter receives many Likes on any stinker comment posted by anyone on any of his Notes/status message)
When it comes to drawing attention and comments, all you have to do is "Become a Girl". Check the picture below and You would understand my agony.

Now let us move to Blogging.

Blogging has become an everyday activity of almost every net user. 90% of the active Internet users are either active bloggers or at least passive bloggers (commenter). The Blog posts vary in different shades and proportions : Short stories, Epics (Series), Poems, Technology posts, Inspirational stories, Real life Incidents etc... Most of us would not have enough time to read the full post written by a blogger. But still we would like to make our presence felt by posting our comments. But If we haven't read a blog post fully, how are we supposed to add our valuable comments? This post will help you to solve this question.

Please use the following Default comments when you post comments on Blog posts

Short Story

1) Unexpected end. Wonderful
2) Nice Twist ( Even if there is no twist in the story, the author of the blog would think that there is some twist in the story. This comment would keep the author busy)
3) Short and Sweet ( This is a very famous sentence used by many commenters.One good soul used this comment on one of my Loooooooong Posts)
4) The best I have read in recent times. ( The author would travel to cloud 9)
5) You should publish a book ( This comment would make the author to read his article again and again.)

This is one area where Chronicwriter is not very good at. But still, to prove his critics wrong, he might write a poem soon on this page. Most of us do not have the literary prowess to understand the English Vocabulary of poets (I have to admit that I don't have). Here are some tips that you can use for commenting on poetic posts

1) Poetic (As if the author doesn't know about it)
2) Bravo
3) Sweet like Honey
4) William Shakespeare would be proud of you ( Even if you have not read any Shakespearean works, you can still use this comment)

Competition story

These days, we have story writing competitions all over the web. Every blogger aspires to become a winner in some competition or the other. If you come across a blog entry written for a competition, the following comments can be used

1) All the very best
2) Treat me when you win the competition
3) You should get the Pulitzer
4) I did not participate in this competition because I know that you are participating in it.
5) Brilliant

If it is an Epic (Blog Series)

1) I loved the flow
2) I am waiting for the next part ( Even if the author writes 10 parts in the blog series, the same comment can be used. But remember not to use this comment for the concluding part)
3) How can you ever come up with such ideas?
4) You have created great expectations.
5) My sister likes your posts ( If the author is a male, he would visit your blog/your facebook account and try to add your sister to his Facebook account)
6) J.K Rowling should learn from you.
7) Copy and paste the last sentence of the post and write " Why did you end like this? Can't wait for the next part)

There are hundred more ways of adding comments to blog posts. If you have any interesting comments, please mention in the comments section.