There is a big connection between Coffee and Married Life. The Coffee Taste, has a direct relation to the number of years the couple have journeyed together in Married life.

Scenario : Husband returns home after a tiring day at work

Hubby :Hunney, Am I troubling you by asking you to make coffee?
Wifey : That's alright Darling. I know what my sweetheart likes. I'll add some decoction coffee (Brewed coffee) to the full-cream milk and let me add fine sugar and believe me you will Love it.
Married Life = Less than 6 months


Hubby : Hunney,There is not much milk in the coffee
Wifey : Yes. I know. The Milk is in the refrigerator. I am tired. Please boil it and add to the coffee.
Married life = Just completed 1 year


Hubby : Hunney,Can I have some coffee?
Wifey : Please wait. Let me finish this episode of FRIENDS on TV. Can you please boil the milk. I will come and add coffee to it.
Married life = 2 years


Hubby : Hunney, What is this? There is neither milk nor sugar in this coffee. Don't you know that I don't like coffee this way?
Wifey : Can't you drink like this at least one day? Do I have to do all the work ?
Married life = More than 3 years


Hubby : Hunney,Why just a glass of water? Can I have some coffee?
Wifey : Do you think I own a coffee estate? Coffee powder is in the kitchen and milk is in the refrigerator. Make some for me too
Married life= More than 4 years


Hubby: Hunney,Can you please open the door? I need to come inside the house.
Wifey : Wait! I am tending my crops in Farmville.
Married life= More than 5 years


Hubby : Hunney! I have brought you cappuccino coffee and brownie cookies from Starbucks

Wifey : Don’t you know that I like Mocha better than Cappuccino? Now, Make me some fresh coffee

Married life= 6-10 years


Hubby : Hunney! Do you need Hot coffee or cold coffee?

Wifey : How many time should I tell you that I prefer Cold Coffee on Thursdays?

Married life= More than 10 years


Note : Did you notice that the Hubby always uses the word “Hunney” all these years?

Additional Note : Chronicwriter is still single and He doesn’t drink coffee J

Latest News : Chronicwriter has been invited by his friend and his wife to their house for a cup of coffee. They are married for 5 years.