Wednesday, December 01, 2010

433. Before and After

Two years ago, a careless reader of this blog left an important object on this blog.[link]. The careless reader never contacted me. It also helped Chronicwriter to write many articles on this page. The Red underwear series is dedicated to that reader without whom, this would not have been possible. Chronicwriter uses it as a thinking cap and it gives him super-humor thoughts. A few days ago, Chronicwriter's beautiful neighbour bought a Brown Horse. It lacked the majestic look. When she approached Chronicwriter for consultation, he had the right answer for her. Below are two pictures that depict the Brown Horse's majestic appearance because of the Red Underwear.

Toto and Moto
Toto and Moto are two lovely Dogs. They are very cute.Three days ago, The author of this blog attended a birthday party of a three year old baby girl. The sumptuous meal stirred his tummy and he entered the wash room in that house. Toto and Moto were locked inside the washroom because they both were naughty doggies. They looked so cute.They wagged their small tails when they saw him entering the wash room. Chronicwriter finished his duty and left the rest room. The picture on the left was taken by Chronicwriter when he entered the wash room. The second picture was taken just before he left the wash room

The Three year old Birthday Baby

As soon as Chronicwriter emerged out of the rest room, he saw the birthday baby having a wonderful time. The little angel was blowing kisses at every one at the party. Chronicwriter went near the Baby and tried to befriend her. The Baby started crying and she is having diarrhea for the last three days.

Look around the Loo

This is a special warning to all Men around the globe. When you enter a public toilet, please scan the entire toilet for the possibilities of hidden cameras. This morning, Chronicwriter used the Men's rest room at his workplace. Within One hour, the below picture was posted on the door of the Toilet. They do have some hidden cameras in the rest room. Watch out!

Chronicwriter was using his thinking cap while typing this post


Question : How many times did the word "Chroniwriter" appear in this article? This includes the usage of the word in this question also. The winners with correct entries will have the privilege of inviting the author of this page for their birthday parties.


  1. Lol...14 times including the ones in d pic.. :P bt no access to the restroom when you r invited 4 the bday party.. :P ...hehe..

  2. Used it only once.. :)

    Funny as usual dude. :D Love ur blog.


  3. lol creativity flows to you easily eh? Creativity and humor are deadly combo and you have that in your posts always. Funny pics man. You created them?

  4. as many as 'i did not count' :)


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