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426. Robot - Endhiran Review

I was a fanatic fan of Rajnikanth during my Engineering college days (1999-2003). We were a bunch of crazy guys who never had an opportunity to celebrate the joy of watching a Rajni movie in the movie hall during our college time. The movie Padayappa was a big hit and that was released just few months before I joined college (1999). The only Rajni movie that hit the screens in my four year Engineering journey was Baba. I remember entering the movie hall with a bag full of old news papers that were torn and thrown in the air inside the movie hall ( A celebration method that can be understood only by hardcore Rajni fans). How ever the movie did not do well in the box office and we were left high and dry.

As days went by, My priorities in life changed and my fanatic craze towards Rajni decreased, but still I loved the style, the punch dialogues and the effect that he had on the audiences. When Shankar finally decided to release the Rs. 162 Crore budget project "Endhiran" (Robot) in the big screens, the hype that the movie created drew my attention once again towards Rajni. This write-up is not exactly a review on the movie Endhiran. This is gonna be my personal opinion about the movie.

Endhiran (Robot)

The movie Endhiran was tailor made for Kamal Hassan. When things did not work out, Shankar turned his eyes towards Shahrukh Khan. Rajnikanth is neither versatile like Kamalhassan nor talented like Shahrukh khan; but he has something that the other two doesn't have and that is the extra-magnetic screen presence. Endhiran was waiting for Rajni and it fit him like a glove.

The story

A scientist (Rajni) creates a Robot (Rajni) and they both fall in Love with Sana (Aish).

Sun Pictures

Maran and Hansraj produced the movie under the Sun Pictures banner. Sun pictures started telecasting teasers on TV to promote the movie which I felt was totally unnecessary. You don't need to advertise Superstar's movie.

The Cast and Crew

Sandhanam and Karnas : They were supposed to play the comedy role in the movie. A friend of mine told me that they were not utilized much in the movie. But my opinion was that these two actors should be thankful that they at least got some 5 minute role in the movie ( I have nothing against their talents). If it is a super star movie, it is a super star movie. Period.

Aishwarya Rai : At 37 years of Age, she still has the grace and charm that she had when she won the Miss World title 16 years ago. She looks young, fresh and she has done enough justice to her role. She has danced like a dove and she is the perfect choice for the role.

Danny Denzongpa : He plays the negative character in the movie. He has played his part well. But Shankar could have selected some other person for this role.

A.R. Rahman : I am not eligible to comment on his music skills. As a fan, all I could say is that he has done many movies better than this. Robot is not his best. Still two songs (Kaadhal anukkal and Kilimanjaro) would leave anyone spell bound because of brilliant cinematography.

Rathnavelu : Popularly called as Randy, he yet again proves why he is India's best camera man. He has made everyone look good. Some of his aerial shots are mind boggling. Rahman's songs have more added meaning because of Randy's works

Shankar : This guy has a magic touch. If he could think of such a subject ten years back, I have to admit that this guy indeed has brains. He has indeed taken Indian cinema to the next level

Cause of Concern
  • Rajni has acted like a director's hero. A Rajni fan would surely miss the punch dialogues, the sound effects and the popular introduction scene that we are so much used to. Though Rajni has donned the role perfectly, as a Rajni fan, one would surely expect punch dialogues. As there are no punch dialogues in the movie, fanatic fans have ended up selecting one word "DOT" as apunch line from this movie. This word is used more than once by the Robot in the movie.

  • Technically, one cannot find much fault in the movie; but if more money had been pooled in , this movie would have been a techincal beauty.

  • The climax was lengthy. How ever Rajni fans would enjoy the climax because of the presence of 100 Rajnis on screen. The ending could have been better.
Trivia (Only known to Chronicwriter)

When the movie was released in India, Terror Romeo Rajendhiran created a stir when he said that Shankar has dedicated the movie Endhiran to him by naming the movie after his name
Reliable sources also reveal that Terror Romeo was Shankar's first choice for thie movie. But when Shankar realised that he had not reached the standard that is required to make a movie with Terror Romeo, he dropped the plan. How ever a few test-stills that were taken two years ago is now doing circles in the movie world. These two stills give us a taste of how the real Endhiran would have looked like.

The author of this page also got hold of a 3 minute clip of the original climax of Endhiran. Check this video to see the original climax of Endhiran.



  1. Balanced I would say. Completely agree with your take on Ash (the first time I liked her, honestly, and thought she was 'gorgeous' and not 'perfect' like a doll!), thalaivar, Shankar and the cast and crew. But not with Denzongpa. One usual thing in Shankar's films is that even though the villain/ the antagonist does not appear as much as the hero, he has a powerful role. Here, the very scripting of Denzongpa's role seems like a bit of an afterthought which is a shame because he is such a fine actor. I would place him a couple of notches below someone like Naseeruddin Shah! :)

    My favourite song in the film was arima arima (for the sheer 'thumping' and of course Kavi perarasu Vairamuthu's versatility in dealing with poetry that requires thinking on technological lines). One line hits me on my head: "chinnanjirusin idhayam thingum silicon singam naan!" *applause* But I also like "irumbile oru idhyama" (but as usual the tendency to bring in more Western music into it than required kind of takes it away although the lyrics are again brilliant).

    I too missed punch dialogues although I have never been a fanatic but the role, as you say, did not demand any. Dot - was actually quite irritating and has become all the more so with everyone using it. Perhaps, he should have used 'period'. Some would have wondered! ;) :D

    i loved sooperstar- i'm sure his next move would be in politics :D

  3. thanks abhijeet

    @Srini : Bro, Vairamuthu, pinni pedaleduthirikiraar indeed. I pictured a few other men in the role of Danny... ( Amitabh, Nazarudin Shah, Nana Patekar, Aravind Sami) These were my crazy thoughts. Might not have been logical..

    Period would have been an awesome punch line indeed :P

    @Jane :
    why do you want thalaivar in politics? avar nallaadhaaney irukuraar!!

  4. :) Balanced and you say it all. I too pmissed the punch lines. I dont agree with you on Aishwarya though. There are so many better, prettier and younger actresses than her these days. Anyways, I too enjoyed the movie.
    BTW, you have been tagged.

  5. thala...sooper star padam means a lot of punch dialogues that set our adrenaline rolling, that was certainly missing, which actually prompted me to think that it might not be a hit, howevevr sun pictures have marketted well.

    I hear one fellow blogger commenting on rajni in politics, aiiyyooo paavam, how can this be?? in real life he is a man who lacks mudhuku elumbu, he blasts away in a fot of glory at the kannadigas and then apologises next day, we have him meet mr. bal thackeray last week ..we want strong men to lead us, not servile idiots..

  6. A very serious review dude.. I was expecting something like ur regular one :).
    good and sensible review

  7. My goodness, man! Where do you get these ridiculous videos of TR? now I have to go look for a pack of Crocin! But great review of the movie Endhiran, though. Great going!

  8. LOL...my sides ached seeing the Nikkar [Lungi] dance :D

  9. Hi , a bit late to your blog
    AR rahman's music !!!!
    Arima song theme beat and entire riff STOLEN from BATMAN , listen to the end credits in all 3 movies and every time batman is going on a mission , the background music is TOTALLY nicked by our Oscar winner
    Well done
    Other songs have tunes pinched randomly , including a ring tone from one of the newer phones


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