Tuesday, August 03, 2010

424. Rupee has a new symbol

The Indian currency - "Rupee" which has the backing of more than a trillion dollar economy has finally made its presence felt in the international scene. It is an old news indeed. As Chronicwriter was suffering from Blog constipation, he did not immediately write an article on this news. The new symbol was designed by Bombay IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar. Now India is the fifth country in the world to have a distinct currency symbol.

This post captures the reaction of many VIPs (Mainly Indians) and their thoughts
on the new Rupee symbol. If you can't view the pictures clearly, please click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

1. Balls Talkray

2. V.J. CAN'T

3. The Burp

4. Nithu

5. Raggi Serpent

6. Robri and Lollu

7. Terror Romeo

8. Dr. Vijay Fans

- Chronicwriter


  1. LMAO


  2. I really don't know which one is the best .... Rakhi! No, Lallu. All of them are simply wonderful. LOL

  3. pona blog mokai nu mudicu panitu, second la kalakitinga... :)! ungala enoda previous post la mention paniten :)...hope yu don't or did'nt mind...

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
    hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are brilliant!

  5. chancey-illa Chriz. Kept this post for the end of the day and nice way to end it. :D Hilarious. rombanaal kazhichu symptoms of the stomach ache your blog used to give regularly! :) (not that I complain about the other types of posts, though, I like them too!)

    V.J.Can'ts was superb. What-ay man he is, no? He makes us not only sit up on our seats wondering how he defies gravity (and commonsense) but he makes us laugh, albeit through your fancy, with his Englis :D Humble and generous man!

    Overall, you could think up so many reactions, all in some way or other apt AND funny, is credit to you.

    Cheers bro! Hope life's treating you well :-)

  6. rofl !!! where do u come up with these???

  7. ROFL!!! hilarious!!! How could you come up with such comments man!!!

  8. very funny chrony sir....seriously i am come here after ages and had a good time here :) thankxxx

  9. haha.. nice one.. though it should be 'Marathi Manoos'.. not Marathis.. for all you know, Balls Talkray might get offended coz of that! :P

  10. LOLsssssssss....u did it again!

  11. Oh Man, what a presentation!!! HILARIOUS.

  12. gotta love numbers 6 n 7 :) i didn't even know the rupee had a symbol. is this for real??

  13. Hilarious....from where you get such great ideas.

  14. hahahhah :D
    wat do you eat men?? how do u come up wid all this ?

  15. hahaha.Hilarious.LMAO @ VJ CANT.
    I wished mr.TRs word rhymed a lil . say -Rupee,Kapi,Jobi,baby..

  16. Raggi serpent was the best of all :D

  17. The write up is simply awesome..

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  18. Hilarious!!

  19. yabsoulutaly brileeants! :D TR and V.J.Can't are the greatest entertainers of all times. Hilarious!

  20. http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_yd8Htwe9SNY/TFfZIDkJXxI/AAAAAAAADmI/tkBG79UjoSI/s1600/RS.jpg This symbol of Indian Rupee has some draw back .... 1) It has a crossing line which means cancellation of it's value. 2) The stroke at the bottom end is pointing downward which means the value of rupee will go down day by day in the international money market.


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