The Indian currency - "Rupee" which has the backing of more than a trillion dollar economy has finally made its presence felt in the international scene. It is an old news indeed. As Chronicwriter was suffering from Blog constipation, he did not immediately write an article on this news. The new symbol was designed by Bombay IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar. Now India is the fifth country in the world to have a distinct currency symbol.

This post captures the reaction of many VIPs (Mainly Indians) and their thoughts
on the new Rupee symbol. If you can't view the pictures clearly, please click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

1. Balls Talkray

2. V.J. CAN'T

3. The Burp

4. Nithu

5. Raggi Serpent

6. Robri and Lollu

7. Terror Romeo

8. Dr. Vijay Fans

- Chronicwriter