Tuesday, August 03, 2010

424. Rupee has a new symbol

The Indian currency - "Rupee" which has the backing of more than a trillion dollar economy has finally made its presence felt in the international scene. It is an old news indeed. As Chronicwriter was suffering from Blog constipation, he did not immediately write an article on this news. The new symbol was designed by Bombay IIT post-graduate D Udaya Kumar. Now India is the fifth country in the world to have a distinct currency symbol.

This post captures the reaction of many VIPs (Mainly Indians) and their thoughts
on the new Rupee symbol. If you can't view the pictures clearly, please click on the pictures for an enlarged view.

1. Balls Talkray

2. V.J. CAN'T

3. The Burp

4. Nithu

5. Raggi Serpent

6. Robri and Lollu

7. Terror Romeo

8. Dr. Vijay Fans

- Chronicwriter

Monday, August 02, 2010


Note : This post is dedicated to "Tom". He committed suicide. This photo was taken just seconds before his death.Tom was my friend- Robert's pet dog. Robert was very sad after Tom's suicide.

But recently Robert was very happy when he called me on the phone. His beaming voice echoed his happy state of mind. He told me that he was going to meet a girl to find out if she was his future wife. His parents had arranged for this epic meeting. When he told the details about the girl, I felt sorry for him because I knew her. The girl had a suicidal tendency. She attempts suicide each and every single day by spending one hour in front of the mirror. I did not tell Robert that I knew her.

I am not saying that she was ugly. Her attitude was ugly. Though she looked like a female version of T.R Rajendher, she always claimed that she physically looked like Penelope Cruz. Some people live in denial all their life.

Robert is now happily married to her and these days, in addition to the daily suicide attempts, she is guilty of daily-attempt murders. I feel sorry for my friend Robert. He is still surviving every day. Robert did not give me the permission to add his wedding photo on my Blog. He also warned me not to reveal his wife's name.

People commit suicide when they feel that there is no future for them.

WHO report show that Lithuania, Belgium and Hungary are the countries with the worst suicide rates in the world. The most common reasons for suicides are
  1. Love failure /Relationship break-ups
  2. Drug Overdose
  3. Career problems - Jobs/ Debts/ Family responsibilities

There are many other reasons for suicide. The only state of mind that results in this act is "emotional instability". Are you having suicidal tendency? Do you think that it is the end of the road for you? If the answer to the above two questions is "Yes", I request you to place your hand on your chest and feel your heart beat. As long as you can feel that heart beat, just remember that your purpose on earth is not yet over. You might have come to a dead end. You can take a U-turn in life and find a new direction in life. I know that I have taken a emotional turn in this post. "Teekao" -the giraffe was so dejected in life because he was single and hence he even attempted this (see picture below). I am not giving you any ideas for bestility here. This is just a humorous way of communicating to you the message "Where there is a will, there is a way"

Don't try to find reasons to commit suicide. Find the reason for your existance on earth.