Thursday, July 15, 2010

421. Fake Reality

I love to sit in a chair and reminisce on the past. Memories always give me a warm touch to my soul. Here I am sitting in front of my computer, thinking of a topic to type for my blog post. I remember my childhood days now.

When I was a little kid, my aunt narrated the Cinderella fairy tale to me. I loved listening to fairy tales. Which kid would not? She also told me many other stories. She was my favorite aunt. All my cousins loved her so much. In one of the stories, she talked about the "Flying Cat". Now I am not a child anymore and I do not get an opportunity to sit and listen to fairy tales. I have neither seen a flying cat all my life. But just now as I type this line, the fairy tale incident came true in my life. I saw a "Flying cat" for the first time in my life.

Well, The cat was sitting on the window in the 24th floor. It was a brown cat. I did not have time to check the cat's gender. The cat was sleeping. Unfortunately for the cat, I was sitting near the same window. My hand did the trick. The cat flew. I looked around. No body saw that. So I am continuing with this post. I have seen human beings flying around in science fiction movies. But in reality, I have never seen a human being fly. Hopefully I will see a human being fly too.
Now I am happy that I could at least write about one incident in this post. I always type my post without a clue on what the paragraph would eventually look like. The flow always carry me along with it. When I was 6 years old, I never had any inhibitions. I would wear a frock and run around the house, climb trees and even chase hens in the neighbour's farm ( When I say Farm, I am talking about the real Farm and not the fake farmville which attracts people with IQ less than 20). But One day, I climbed a Neem tree wearing a frock. A wood pecker lived in the trunk of the tree. I am not going to explain the history of the incident. That was the last time I wore a frock. Now I wish I could still wear a frock and walk around freely.

I am sleepy now. So should I end this post here? I feel that I have not done justice by just talking about two incidents in this post. I guess I will get some ideas from my cup board.So let me write about one more incident before I end this post. (Chriz opens his cup board and closes it immediately and resumes typing this post)
Let me tell you, What I saw inside the cupboard. I saw a boy Lizard making Love to a Girl Lizard. Being a guy who respects True Love, I did not want to disturb them. I did not place a hidden camera inside the cupboard too. If only Lenin Karuppan had been as Noble as me, Nithyananda would have never been on Youtube.

( This type of writing is called as Real Time writing. It was just invented by me)



  1. unga mokai ku alave ilaya?? of all the beings in the world, yu saw a Lizard make out... wonder wat yu were thinking!


  2. @hary

    i wrote about teh flying cat and also about teh frock incident.. I do not know why ONLY THE LIZARD incident stays in your head

  3. Chriz,

    konjam inspiration kammiyaa irukku polarukku? ;) :D Not one of your better posts, I reckon. Nonetheless, liked the flow and spontaneity of it.

    Will look forward for you to be back in form (even as I wait for Dravid to crack tons in the upcoming series against Sri Lanka! :D)

  4. @srini : changing lanes bro.. gonna shoot down short posts for the time being.. a change in style too :)

  5. Tat thing about Farm ville was annoying .. hmph!!

  6. since ur blog is a humor blog....sab kuch maaf!

  7. vanakkam thalai! i seen a lizard and attai fly, also seen dragon fly fly, but never seen a cat fly...bhesh bhesh, neenga super!

  8. Chriz, You know what's the best thing about this post, albeit not one of you your best posts here, it's the farmville thing!

    Well said!!!

  9. I bet the Discovery or Nat Geo guys are looking for Lizard love videos for their late nite lineup.

    How you doin Chris?. Good to know that you are still tickin.

  10. wearing a frock....ewwwwww. no way chris, that would be gay. dont do that.

  11. Expecting your comedy posting with your bed wetting urine smell

  12. Hey Chris oru appavi cat a 24th floor la irunthu thali vitutae! You cross dresser?! and palli making love atha kooda blog la poduviya? Che Che che.
    But i like this spontaneous stlye stuff wonder they will let me write my thesis is in this style! lol


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