Friday, July 09, 2010

419. Men can do anything

Note : This post is not written by a Male Chauvinistic Pig. Hence all the female chauvinistic pigs can stay away from this post.

In a world Dominated and Ruled by Women, the male species have gone through shame and abuse on a consistent basis. If you disagree with me, please take a look at the Tenth and Higher Secondary Exam results ratio between Men and Women.

But the gang of men have realised that they can't be molested for ever. They have decided to prove their mettle to the rest of the world and to prove their worth, they have successfully accomplished the following five amazing things.

1) Men can have babies. Yes If you do not believe me, use Google to know the results
2) Men can breast feed too. [Google for help again]
3) Men can sit in one place and do NOTHING.[ Go to any IT firm and you will find the proof]
4) Men can fix anything too. Please see the following pictures.

The best broom in the whole wide world. Other recommended books that can be used for making a broom/mop are a. Engineering Books (AK Sawahney) b. Oxford Dictionary c. Any Medical book.

The trolley can be used for many reasons. It can be used as a transport device. It can also be used for an awesome GRILLED evening.

A brick in time saves a Fall. No need for a mason. The brick can be removed and the hole can be used as a kennel for your puppy. If your wife irritates you so much, you can shove her inside this hole too.

A carom board striker and a permanent marker is enough to solve this problem.

Now we have seen 4 amazing things that men can also do. But don't go away. The Best is yet to come.

5. Men can Cook.

Women are always considered to be great chefs. But they don't make the cut in hotels and restaurants (Usually) because the world knows that men can cook better than women. But still the gang of girls claim that they are better wizards inside the kitchen. To make matters worse, all the food Blogs are penned by women. I am not sure whether they really cook all the dishes that are displayed on their blog or whether their poor hubbies are threatened not to reveal the truth.

One man (A blog friend of mine) decided to make a statement that MEN CAN COOK too. They say that You can never tame an African Elephant. My friend is one such person. He made a mighty entry into the food world by cooking all the following dishes.

His name is Sajeeve and his blog "BOY MEETS GRILL" has already started creating waves in the west. Click his picture to visit his Blog. Get started with yummy recipes.

Latest News :

Chronicwriter has finally said good bye to Jockey under wears. Last week, he burnt all his 12 Jockey under wears. He took this daring decision when he found that Dr. Vijay also wears a jockey underwear. Now he is surviving with this [link] . Please suggest a Brand that suits a humor blogger.



  1. ha ha, btw the term should be Female Chauvinist bitches.
    and yes man can do almost anything. but not sure if they can bleed every month(scary)
    best humor brand of chaddis will be Rupa(I can't think of something which can even come close to it)

  2. After reading this, I too say,"Yeah,men can do it all." :P

  3. Yeah, and why do they have problem when they are called bitches.
    They don't mind when they like and rant about the dog like style of men?

    nice one Chris

  4. @tequila : Will test-drive Rupa.. will write about the after effects

    @anwesa : cheers .. HI^5

    @anonymous : REAL MEN would not have any problem when the FAKE MEN are addressed as DOGS and similarly REAL WOMEN would not have any problem when the FAKE WOMEN are addressed as BITCHES...

    The fake ones create all the fuss

  5. lol!

    but why all this hatred against them! make peace

  6. Amul Macho!

    Nothing else will do :P

  7. Friggin hilarious n may I dare say totally totally agree with this!

    -Hoping not to get stabbed by some feminist brigade-

    Linking this on FB.

  8. true true true...and something tat gals dont do or wont do is gift a guy with diamonds..:)

  9. allow me to be a FCP and say this: 'men STAY AWAY from brooms'

    wait. was that a trick to make women NOT WANT men to do HOUSEWORK? *confused*

    hehe... fun post, chriz!

  10. Go for a CK .......... I mean what kind of man wants to get inside every ones pants . Let him suffer for his folly . At least you can say that Ck kisses your *** everyday .:P

  11. @zak: ;)
    @sindiantadka : amul macho.. should try that too
    @cinderella : and the anti-chriz club will have more members now
    @nirmal : will such a day ever come?
    @hemant :p
    @Loshini : haha.. thanks much girlie
    @illusion : good to know that you wear CK

  12. First time on your blog!
    I kinda liked the post :)

  13. Dude...My Foodie Blog is entirely by me :P No better-half helping me....


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