Thursday, July 01, 2010

418. The first indiblogger meet outside India

The first Indiblogger meet outside India took place in Singapore (Indising) and I am proud to say that I took part in it. It was entirely different from the usual blog-meets where the ice breaking session would consume 50 % of the time. 11 participants took part in the Indising meet and it took no time for the 11 of us to break the formal shackles. We sat around a table and started yapping like college students catching up after ages.

It was good to come across bloggers with diverse interests and skills. Some of the highlights of the meet were

  1. There was not even a single know-it-all-crap-talker in this meet. Though a couple of the participants were really brainy, they gelled well with a group without thumping their class
  2. The food was excellent. We took two hours to finish the starters
  3. We even started pulling each other's legs at the end of the two hour meet.
  4. Everybody had their moment of happiness
  5. As it was a small group, we got to know more about each other
Now It is my duty to introduce to all my readers, the ten bloggers I met through this meet. If you carefully follow the story board below, you would surely be remembering all the names of the 10 bloggers.

Venue: Class Room - The Indian Blogger School


  1. Maria (The school teacher)
  2. Jamshed (The class leader)
  3. Honey ( The beauty of the class. 3 students in the class has a crush on her)
  4. Sushant ( The calm and good guy)
  5. Krunal ( The wise man in the class)
  6. Chriz ( The class comedian)
  7. Divya (The teacher's pet)
  8. Gandhi ( The Lover Boy who is always in a dream world)
  9. Krithika ( The silent girl of the class)
  10. Vijay (Everybody calls him a kiddo)
  11. Anirudh ( Girls go crazy when he smiles)
You can click each picture to get a better view.

The back bench students are known for their notorious under-the bench dealings in class

Chriz is a very innocent guy. But Miss Maria doesn't like him

Jamshed's first time in the last bench.

One for all. All for one

Jamshed is very generous and he likes sharing with everyone in the class

If you had followed the story so far, all the 11 characters would be in your finger tips. If not, read again.



  1. Was eagerly waiting for the new post. hilarious like any other :)

  2. Ha Ha.. nice one.. and yeah thanks for making me the first bencher for a change! have always been a LLB (Lord of Last Bench) during most of my schooling!

  3. class flaunts of a "Back-Benchers' Association" (BBA). This post reminded me of it.

    P.S.:You are blogrolled as "Laughter Dose".

  4. Aww!!! Thanks for making me the beauty :$, now I just want to know if those 3 crushes were real or not :) hehe!

  5. thala epo inga bloggers meet?

  6. Hahahh..chris u have spent a lotta time on dat post. n for dat I salute u. N me being d teacher..LOL..dats a change!!! :)

  7. ha ha, great, i also need to attend one of these meets someday.

  8. Nice, good one.

    And how was your fever?

  9. Good to know, Chriz. :) Was just wondering why the longish delay between your last post and this!

    Cheerio :)

  10. I'd like to be Miss.Maria's student. Please give the blog link.

    Yours faithfully,
    Surya Kannan.

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  12. innovative i must say...
    the way you have written...


  13. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Awesome :)

  14. Chriz meet the Founder of Indiblogger Twodays Back in a Meet, we did speak abt Indiblogger Singapore and he is aware of ur Blog too Kallaku Maachan

  15. Hey Chris - So u made a trip all the way up for this ! How so romantic !!
    By the ways, will you do something for me ? Will you overlook my lazy self not being here for a long time and buy my book which just got out on print - Link on my blog. For old time's sakes, bussy. Love ya !

  16. wow now bloggers meet up over grand lunches? Nice! :) I really feel outdated here! *lol*


  17. @Anju : Thanks much.. would be writing more

    @Sushant : haha.. i never got to sit in thelast bench during my school days

    @Anwesa : good.. hope you are not a part of it

    @Honey : one among the three crushes is a girl

    @Readers Dias : :)

    @ Hary : as soon as we get an opportunity

    @maria : ;) welcome anytime.. yeah teacher

    @ Tequila : its good when we have lively people

    @Anonymous someone : fever ran away.. awryte now

  18. Uncle srini : ) naanga remba bisi...

    @Surya : Miss Maria quit taking classes these days..

    @Jamshed : thanks bro.. Glad to know that it made you smile

    @Vinz : thanks much bro

    @gauri :)

  19. @Anwin : yes.. we had fun.. looking forward for more meets..

    @Sivaram : they are from nagercoil too.. havent met them though :)

    @sandy : girlie.. long time indeed. kudos.. glad to know that you have written a book.. would be buying it :) cheers

    @Keshi : after ages :) we need to catch up sometime

  20. i was the back bench co-leader :P..well it sure reminds the college days :)..


  21. i was the back bench co-leader :P..well it sure reminds the college days :)..


  22. lolx. almost professional comic strip ;)


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