How to lead a Happy life? The whole world is searching to find an answer to this question. Many experts have come up with many theories and mantras to inspire people to lead a happy life. Such mantras are well suited for many and ill suited for a few. I was under the assumption that a 100 % successful mantra was never ever proposed by anyone. Very recently I discovered that "Gabtun" VJKunt has proposed "9 mantras" for a happy life. He practices these 9 mantras in his life too. Very few practice what they preach.

If you are not familiar with Gabtun, you are wasting your time on this earth. He is the Past, Present and Future leader of this world. He has killed each and every Single Bagisdan (Pakistan) Terrorist. 26/11 happened just because he was sleeping that fateful night. Osama Bin Laden is under hiding because he is scared of our Gabtun. Without much ado, let me state the "9 fold mantra for a happy life" by Gabtun

1. Be Sincere

2. Fall in Love

If love like this exist in real life, i do not want to be a part of it.

3. Understand your Life's purpose

4. Get married and produce babies

5. Be Professional in your actions

The compaq laptop was infected with a deadly virus after this photo shoot was over and it had to be trashed

6. Meditate everyday

7. Adopt a pet animal
The dog went into amnesia after this photo was taken.

8. Indulge in sports activities
The Dog died after this picture was taken. The remains of the dog were scrubbed from the bottom of Gabtun's slippers. Please do not allow M. Gandhi to know about this

9. Fight against Injustice

Note: This post is dedicated to M.Raja (The photographer of the last photo). M. Raja died of depression and heart failure. Reliable sources say that He saw something which you and I cannot see in this picture.