Disclaimer: The following news items will not be found anywhere else in the internet world. The concept behind the news was born in Chronicwriter's mind and was digested through this thoughts and he has excreted it in this page.

The biggest two sex scandals of this year were made by an American and an Indian. How ever the sex scandal of Nithyananda (The Indian) beats the scandal made by Tiger Woods (American) by a great deal because Doctors are still confused about Nithyananda's Gender. To honor Nithyananda, a tamil movie on his life will soon hit the movie halls around the globe. Actor Vadivel is playing as Nithyananda in the movie.

The Indian Police is cracking their brains in the Nithyananda Investigation. If the investigators take a closer look at the following picture, the mystery behind the case would be solved.

Nithyananda is still claiming that he is innocent. He should take a leaf out of the book of a senior artist of similar trade and learn to accept his mistakes.

Moving to an entirely new topic, we would remember that Obama was presented with a Nobel Peace Prize. Though critics claimed that he was not eligible for the Peace Prize, I certainly believe that by awarding the prize to Obama, the peace prize committee has tied his hands from waging wars against any country in the world. They should have awarded the peace prize to Senior and Junior Bush and tied the hands of the Father- Son duo.

On a similar note, the people of Tamilnadu have chosen Dr. Joseph Vijay as their favorite actor for his amazing comedy roles in Tamil movies for the past five years on a trot. Such awards would enable the Tamil audience to witness much more comedy roles from their most loved comedian.

Reliable sources also revealed to Chronicwriter that director Shankar is planning to do a Tamil remake of the Hindi movie "Three Idiots" (Aamir Khan starrer). Sources say that Vijay will be donning Kareena Kapoor's role in the Tamil remake of the super hit movie.

Moving on to sports news, the entire world is waiting for the 2010 world cup football. Chronicwriter will be supporting the Samba boys from Brazil. Brazil has the best forward (Kaka) and the best Goal keeper (Julio Caesar) in the business. But again Brazil is pitted in a very tough group alongside North Korea, Ivory Coast (which has the Dangerous Drogba) and the Powerful Portuguese. It is going to be a tough competition indeed. Which is your favorite team?

May the best team win.