Wednesday, April 21, 2010

403. Who are you?

All my life, I always wanted to be somebody. Now I see that I should have been
more specific.
When I was a little boy, the only TV channel that I could watch was Doordarshan. Street Hawk was my favorite TV show then. I was so much addicted to that series that I started riding my tricycle recklessly. I used to dream of riding bikes at a rapid pace too. I wanted to ride a bike in real life too. That is when I realised that I had to be 18 years old to be eligible to ride a bike.

By the year 1990, I was a big fan of cricket and football. I admired Kris Srikanth and I loved his daring batting style. In fact I imitated his weird Nose-mannerism too. Four years later, world cup football took India by storm. Doordarshan telecast ed all the matches live on TV. Suneet Tandon and Pranoy Roy did special reports on all the teams. My favorite team was Brazil. I loved their samba-ish style of playing. Romario became my Hero. Immediately I decided to become a footballer. But my kicking power was so weak and I had to quit the idea of becoming a world class footballer.

How many of you remember Remington Steele? It was the first time I saw Pierce Brosnan. I loved the TV show not because of Brosnan, but because of the lovely Stephanie. Stephanie acted as a private detective in Remington Steele. I thought that being a detective was cool and I started telling all my friends that I would become a detective when I grow up. But now I realise that I am neither a detective nor the boyfriend of a beautiful girl like Stephanie.

When the swine flu storm hit the world, I did not fret. In fact, I was hoping to get infected by the Swine flu bug. You might think that I have lost my mind. But when I heard that pigs have an orgasm that lasts for 30 minutes, I felt that it would be great to be attacked by swine flu. 30 minutes? . It is almost equal to watching one full episode of FRIENDS, Whose line is it anyway.

I wanted to be like somebody all my life. But suddenly I realise that I am 28 and I have my own identity. A year ago when 13 year old Alfie Patten became a dad, I reminisced on the opportunities that I missed as a 13 year old guy. When I was 13 , I used to play computer games. Kids these days play Real life games without understanding the seriousness behind the games they play.

Have you realised the purpose of your life?

I recently read that Dolphins and Human beings are the only two species that enjoy recreational sex ( Sex for fun). All other living beings have procreational sex (sex to create off springs).

What about the Pig?

The other day I saw two porcupines mating. It was scary. I am at least happy that I am not a porcupine. I would dread to have sex if i were a porcupine. 30 minutes Orgasm would be death penalty indeed.



  1. Oh how it would be to a Porcupine !

    Indeed ! :)

  2. LOL. :D. You wanted to be attacked by swin-fly ndradhu konjam over boss! ::D

    Nice post, but yeah as you said recently, you seem to have lost a bit of form. Work on it Chriz! :D

  3. OMG! You won't believe this!
    I have not read the post yet..but I had to tell this before anything else!... The Human and Dolphins fact and the porcupine's (except I think it should be about a pig) 30min orgasm fact...I read these last night. =|
    I was bored..and hence I googled fun facts about sex. And now I see your post mentioning it...ooohh.. that's so weird..anyways..ill read the post now =D

  4. Okay I read the post. You mentioned pig and then procupine?? =S I am confused.. give me the facts man =P

    good post =)
    I wanted to be a doctor and now I just want money... =|

    take care =)

  5. I learnt about internet in 2001 and then about blogs in 2008 and read one of my first in 2009. It was called chronicwriter. Well, it was more of the fact that he had 400+ followers and used to get loads of comments than that he was a very good writer . It is so nice when so many people listen to you and many of them are girls. And he used to post some nice pics as well. So I also decided to start a blog. But I soon realised that I am too bad a writer, can generate too few smiles and have too few , err no followers actually. So , now I atleast know that who I am not.....GOOD.:D

    Nice post as usual.But pig and porcupine bit left me confused as well.

  6. iSpecially bought a black bicycle after watching Street Hawk... and iUsed to make all kinds of sounds like "cheu cheu... takaktakakakattakaka... " while riding mY bike... ^_^

  7. I especially like your tangential thinking parts of the post "What about the Pig?"

    Hehe. Good stuff.

  8. ha ha, good one chriz.
    30 minutes orgasm could lead to lot of bad thing. Now u can do sex secretly in say 9-10 minutes or even much lesser.
    pigs can afford that long orgasm for sure, but our society would have been a lot lazy with that kind of orgasm.

  9. sex onu pothume ungaluku... ethachi blabber panikite irupinga! :)

  10. with street hawk n all the othr was amazing....
    even i m tryin to figure out the same thing.....neways i just hope we keep lookin

  11. Long time no see?
    There was a time when I was so obsessed with some silly name of an actor in some doordarshan serial, that I wanted to change my name for that one. The fever lasted only for a few days until he was declared a traitor in the serial.

    Today I realize that philosophy runs deep in our lives, and from each day's morning, I have just wanted to be me.

    Well written, but I somehow feel that you are trying to extract humour out of old times, rather than your older self, whose humour was just instantaneous. Would love to see old Chrony back in form.
    Ol da Best!

  12. gosh pigs!!! porcupine !!! and you!!!
    ROFLing post :D

  13. hump hump POKE POKE hump hump POKE POKE
    Poor Porcupines!
    What if Porcupines get swine flu? One poke lasts for 30 minutes!

  14. 30 minutes!! man, I never knew being a swine can be so much fun!

  15. Who can forget Street Hawk, simply loved it.

    Do remember Remington Steele, also Bold and the Beautiful which is still running.

  16. lols...30mins? seriously? no wonder they are so tasty

  17. Hehe....30 mins..?? really..??
    Poor porcupine....Must be wishing they had retractable spikes eh??
    Loved the pics you've put up!
    Glad to see your post! Keep!

  18. Hey.. loved ur snap with killer attitude... man- it almost got me killed staring at it. :P

    Nice post dude... I remember captain Vyom that they used to telecast in doordharshan. For a while, I never missed it.

    & 30 min orgasm... Really ?? Is that for a fact....



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