Tuesday, April 06, 2010

402. I want more sleep

Everyone hates Mondays. It has been that way right from our childhood. We dreaded Mondays when we were school Kids. The same fear continues even after we become working professionals. 93 % of office goers in India do not have job satisfaction. Work life is stressful for many working professionals.

A suggestion to the makers of Facebook

Researches also reveal that every one use facebook at work. Hence, instead of introducing millions of lousy games, it is time that Facebook introduced OFFICE-WORK in the form of a game. Work productivity will increase by multiple folds. Work will be completed on time. Job satisfaction would increase. But till such a change happens, sleeping in the workplace would be the number one job that everyone would aspire to perform.

Scientific proof

Medical science says that One-third of a day (8 hours) should be spent on sleeping. 8 hours of sleep is a distant dream for many working professionals. Most people blame their work for their lack of sleep. But this had not been the case ten years back. This clearly shows that work is not the culprit. Experts say one of the most alluring sleep distractions is the 24-hour accessibility of the internet. So if you are not having a proper sleep, chances are that you are hooked on to the computer for a long time.

My sleep life

These days I sleep as late as 2 am and end up waking up at 6 am. I get only 4 hours of proper sleep. When I was a kid, my folks had a strict rule at home. I should hit the bed at 10 pm. In the morning I would wake up at 7 am. That gave me 9 hours sleep. I hated getting to bed as early as 10 pm and I hated waking up as early as 7 am. My folks would use many methods to wake me up everyday. They used to have a tough time to get me out of bed. Now when I reminisce on those days I also realize that such days would never come back for sure.

Mom's technique to wake me up

“ Prason! Get out of bed. It is 7 o clock. You will be late to school”.

“Mommy! Just 5 more minutes”.

“ Get up. You have to iron your school uniform”

“ Mommy! Can you please iron it for me”

After 5 minutes she raises her voice

“ PRASONNNN! Get out of your bed”

“ ZZZZZzzzzzzZZZzzz”

“Are you sleeping?”

“No Mommy! I am praying”

“ Ok stop lying.” She would then grab my ears and twist it and pull me out of bed.

“Did you wet your bed again?”

“No mommy! I was just sweating so much last night”

“Aren’t you ashamed to wet your bed? You are ten years old”

“Go and kneel down”

(I really have no clue how kneeling down would stop me from wetting my bed the following night)

Dad’s technique to wake me up

Dad uses the irritating technique to wake me up. It is also called as the “mosquito buzzing in your ear” technique. He would start buzzing in my ear at 6.30 am.

“Prason. It is already 7.30 am” ( He would alter the time in the wall clock in my room. I would immediately cross check the time with my wrist-watch which would be under my pillow and the time would be 6.30 am)

“ Pappa! You are lying. It is only 6.30. I wanna sleep more”

Every two minutes, he would come and whisper into my ear that it is 7.30 am. His technique worked well.

Sister’s technique to wake me up

My sister was my nemesis during my childhood days. She adopted the third degree torture method to wake me up. Some of her torture methods are

  • She would throw our spaniel dog –Bubbly on my bed. He would lick my face
  • She would switch on the fan and regulate it in full speed ( I do not use fan)
  • She would focus torch light on my face.
  • She would sprinkle water on my face.
  • She would invite all her girlfriends to my room and wake me up.( I used to dread that because I had the habit of wetting my bed)
I miss those days



  1. Good one! It reminded me how my sister used to sleep like a log & all the technique we adopted to get her outta the bed... childhood days are the best! Thanks for bringing back those memories.

  2. LOL. You don't use fan Chriz? indha kaalathula ipdi oru manusanaa??? :D *applause* good one! liked your sister's methods to wake you up ;)

  3. you are so right about the internet. I am sleeping a lot lesser and getting up early. I get up at 6 to use my unlimited hours bsnl internet. I surprised why dont you use fan.

    I never had a curfew time. I can sleep as late as want, But i still manage to get up early.

  4. @srini and @venky

    dint use fan cos i had sinus

    and the cut off @10 pm was to teach me discipline (which i never learnt)

  5. Ah! Way to brighten up my lazy morning :)

  6. my mom and dad use to wake me up exactly in ta way....by changing time and shouting!! and i wake my brother in d same way as ur sister do..hehe! i guess, its same evrywhr!!

  7. Lolzzz that is so true. Hillarious!! Childhood was so much fun and better.

  8. Awwwwww.... i miss my childhood too =(

    “Are you sleeping?”
    “No Mommy! I am praying”


    “Did you wet your bed again?”
    “No mommy! I was just sweating so much last night”

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAH!!!!! what an excuse!...perfect!

    The "altering time on the wall clock" is a classic! My friend's mom would change the time on the clock to 6am when it was only 4am..and make them STUDY in the morning for 2hours (well technically 4hours!). Thankfully my parents never did that. But my mom has this habit of advancing the time by a good half an hour when trying to wake me up or make me do something. I think girls are so much better at waking up in the morning (at least during the school days) because they are sincere and dedicated towards studyiing (*wink wink*)...lol. I was a good girl...but now I just miss lectures to sleep!

    A good post =)
    take care..xox

  9. hilarious!!! memorable days of childhood!!

  10. hahah!!! good old childhood memories! :D

    Ur sister's awesome btw! ROFL!

  11. Man 'o' Man..4 hours sleep is enough for the body in the technical aspect of things..And yeah,we as babies have always been used to 8-9 hours and there are still a few babies who sleep 12-13 hours even today.

    I <3ed ur sisters way of waking u up!! :P


  12. wow!!
    it was really nice reading these lines what you wrote..

    i can recall my memories of those days.. such wonderful times!!
    and yeah, professional life.. urrgghh!


  13. nyabagam varuthey nyabagam varuthey...!my folks used to tickle my feet! only thing which wakes me wide!

  14. You brought abt all the nostaglia back !!
    I guess most of us underwent the same ..as u did ..

    Inviting u to comment on my new poem

  15. amazinglyyyyy gud one .. !

  16. Ah nostalgic. Wish our childhood days come back. How I seriously wish,I sleep for 10 hours without anyone waking up. Now a days, 4 to 5 hrs is a luxury :|

    Good post! :)

  17. Nice nostalgic post :-) Reminds me of what I do to my bro now :P All hail sisters :D

  18. Thats a nice family picture. Innocent Chriz!!! ippo enna maariyachu!/

  19. i still think 100 times to wake up...i wake up..and sleep again i the other corner of the bed...wake up...go and sleep in the hall...wake up...and sit and sleep again...these are called buffering ...lol

  20. Chrony, you are so phunny. bachpan ki yaad aa gayi. :)

  21. hmmm, back to some lovely memories,
    reader tooo....lost in the world of good old times....thanks

  22. Interesting post...
    Well..I had no Monday morning blues during my school days...but yes...definitely I have been going through the blues ever since I started working...

    I go through Sunday evening depression when I think of the next day at work!

  23. well... nice one... how we all hate to be woken up from the sweet morning sleep till afternoon....

  24. Thats why we were taught that "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise". But as we become older, we tend to forgot this wonderful rhyme. :)

  25. please read the post before commenting! hahaha...that was a good one!!!!

    I did read the post!!!!


  26. Happy Birthday!!

  27. hehehe... funny yaar.. long time since i had been to this blog.. u havent changed man.. and aint i glad! :)


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