I had a great start to the day. The first two victims fell easily. How ever my dream of taking a ha-trick backfired when I was fooled for a change. 1st April is one day that makes many to be extra careful. The beauty of this day is that no matter how smart you are, there would be someone to outsmart you.

  • I was first fooled inside the loo. After spending ten minutes inside the loo, I heard my sphincter muscle saying "April fool".

Now here are 5 weird facts that you might not have known all this while.

  1. Sergei Bubka could touch his belly button with his tongue. Now! How many of you are trying that? If you are at your work place, wait till you reach home.
  2. A Camel is the only animal that doesn't know whether it is a male or a female.
  3. Chetan Bhagat will sing along with Susan Boyle in a film directed by Danny Boyle.
  4. The red underwear gives chronicwriter extra-marital/martial powers
  5. An excited cow gives a milkshake
Now I would take this time to honor five Impotent people on this special day.

Dr. Vijay Joseph.

He is the only living proof that Darwin's theory is WRONG. Man did not come from monkeys. But a man can eventually turn into a monkey, if one is as talented as Dr.Vijay. I am waiting to write a review for his upcoming movie Sura. I thank the lovely brain that worked on this photo.


I would earn the wrath of the entire female community if I write any satirical post on Surya. I like this guy's acting. But when I saw this photoshop work by Kishor, I could not resist adding the picture here. Surya is a very good tamil actor. But he often falls with a bad company of directors who are ever so ready to spoil his movie career. The movie "Ayan" aka Iron is a perfect example for this statement.

Parthiv Patel and Deepika Padukone

The baby faced chubby cheek Parthiv whose favorite food till last year was cerelac has suddenly started dating Deepika Padukone. She is not the dumbest girl I have across. That doesn't mean that she ain't dumb.

Muniyammaa Paati

Muniyammaa paati is a 84 year old granny. She took twitter by storm with her Tambram/Chennai Tamil mix slang. Her twitter handle was removed by Twitter when she crossed her limit. Isn't she sexy?

Cho Ramaswamy

He is often referred to as the Che Guevara of Indian Politics. I have no clue who came with such a silly comparison because Cho has a close resemblance to an offspring born to a polar bear and a Gorilla. Cho's mouth has done a lot of damage to the minds of many brain dead human beings. The saying "Cho Chweet" came into existence when Rakhi Sawant uttered it when she saw Cho eating a chocolate.

The difference between Love and Friendship can be explained through the simple Kindergarten story "Granny makes Vadai (Pancake). Crow flicks the Vadai and sits on a tree branch. Fox cheats crow and steals the vadai". Love is like the Vadai. Anyone can pick the vadai and it is often mishandled. But Friendship is like the granny. No one would pick her up.

P.S : The guy standing next to Deepika is not Parthiv Patel. It is Junior Malliya. See the Kingfisher beer bottle in his hand. April fool Guys and Gals.( and you thought it was Parthiv! Gotcha)