Wednesday, March 17, 2010

400. Autobiography of Chronicwriter

In this Blog, you would have never seen the author showcasing his true colors. He was always hiding behind a Humor mask with a sole intention to spread smiles. As this is Chronicwriter's 400th post, he is planning to reveal his true identity to everyone. This is one post where he will talk about his journey in life -The sad moments, The Good times, The story behind this blog, professional life and his future Goals. If you still want to read this post, go ahead and read the following milestones in Chronicwriter's life.
  • 13 April 1982 - Chronicwriter was born. Apparently on the same day in 1919, Jallianwala Bagh massacre took place.

  • 1984 - Chronicwriter's lost his tongue in an accident. After two major operations, the tongue was stitched. He began to speak very late.

  • 1986 – Chronicwriter sees a cop using a real Gun and decides to become a cop when he grows up.

  • 1992 – Chronicwriter stops wetting his bed.

  • 1993 – Chronicwriter learns to ride a bicycle . It is a red color BSA-SLR (His sister’s bicycle)

  • 1994 – Chronicwriter showcases his first hint at humor writing. His Tamil-essay book gets confiscated when his mom reads his story in the book. He described about a sensual connection between Karunanidhi and J.Jeyalalitha. He was spanked that day. His folks nipped his humor instincts in the bud.

  • 1996 – Chronicwriter gets his first Men’s Bicycle (MTB- Rockshox with double shock absorber)

  • 1999 – Chronicwriter kick starts his four year Engineering course. His life long dream of sitting in the last bench gets fulfilled. He never got the opportunity to sit in the last bench in his school life because of his compact stature.

  • 1999 – First tryst with Tobacco and alcohol (welcome to Pondicherry)

  • 2001- Chronicwriter breaks his leg as he falls inside the Indian closet. His Achilles tendon gets cut. A titanium string replaces the tendon. After one year he again starts walking

  • 2003- Chronicwriter completes his engineering course. He doesn’t know what to do next and blindly decides to do MBA with hopes of getting a seat in one of the IIMS. He also gets his first taste in events- management ( Thanks to his Uncle, who is a leading event manager in India ) Click this [link] to know more about the event management firm.

  • 2004 – Chronicwriter dares to dream beyond the IIMs, but by God’s Grace ends up in Rajagiri to do his MBA. He becomes the “Chronicle” (College Gossip news) editor of college. He also gets the nickname –Chronicwriter. He also becomes one of the major pranksters in college. He and his friends start calling themselves as the “Sexy Seven”. These seven were closely monitored by college management.

  • 2006 – Chronicwriter decides to start his own blog after being a passive blogger from 2003 onwards. His first blog on poetry bombs big time. He also starts working as a Business Analyst in a leading IT MNC.
  • 2007 - When he hangs out with his friends, he listens to all their jokes. After sometime when he reminisces on these jokes, he realizes that he could crack better jokes than that. So he starts writing all his thoughts in humor form and finally decides to launch his humor blog ( That is how this blog was born.)
  • 2008 – Chronicwriter decides to jump into the field of advertising to fulfill his ambition of becoming the next big thing in the world of creativity. He soon jumps out after realizing that there is nothing creative in the ad industry these days. Creativity is one aspect where Individual brilliance scores well over brainstorming ( Chronicwriter’s personal opinion)

  • 2009 – Chronicwriter rejoins social networking platforms after a one year hiatus. He starts using FB for sharing spiritual insights. He also markets this blog through FB. He also joins twitter and starts tweeting crap. The number of people who unfollow him are more than the number of people who follow him.

  • 2010 – As a marketing consultant, he is trying to exploit the use of the web world in creative online business solutions.

  • Future plans – He would soon unveil his comical avatar through his video-podcasts.

Chronicwriter’s friends compare him with famous world personalities by saying, "Hey Chriz! That guy looks like you”. He never bought their statements. But recently when he saw these photos he started believing his friends. Check the following pictures at your own risk.
He can hold the mic , grow a side burn like Elvis. But He definitely can’t sing like him
He can’t even hold the guitar properly. But he sure has a similar receding hairline like Mark Knopfler

    Big Eyes, ruffled hair, but different IQ levels. The Einstein look
    Who is the real Gladiator?
    If you want to know how Abraham Lincoln would have looked like, when he was young, just look at chronicwriter
    and this one is for the ladies; Guys! Calm down. This is his 400th post. So let him enjoy
    - Our special correspondent


  1. mudiyala da machi...

    (Arv wonders why he often leaves this comment after reading your posts????)

  2. luv the photos! :P :D

  3. 400 posta? :O photos super :D too good, especially abraham lincoln..

  4. LOL Chris. I love the similarity to Abraham Lincoln. *thumbs up* :D
    I love everybit of this supernutty admirable Blogger.
    40000000 more to come. :D

  5. this is jam packed with humor...especially the pics made me rofl...

    keep penning and putting those lost smiles back...


  6. Congrates Chriz. Its a a great milestone for you. Loved the post. Apt for the occasion

  7. Congratz Buddy!! Keep 'em coming...!!

  8. I never realized from your DP how Lincoln you were! :D
    Congrats on 400 Chriz!
    Agla stop 500!

  9. You know you put up the photo in the end for the ladies ? I thought you might enjoy seeing someone (idolized by BP and most guys like you), in a 9 yard saree....scroll down Here ...

  10. congrats dude :)...and the pics were awesome...i wish u all the best for the future :P..


  11. ROFL........
    Loved the picture series.... :D

  12. Sir! You have discovered your forte. Maybe you should also compare your face to Jim Carrey's (hold on, that's already there in the header)

    That poetry blog is killer. After reading the one on Orkut, my advice: Don't put it up on display :P

    But you must teach us how you went from that to this in such a short span! Love your blog :)

  13. "Creativity is one aspect where Individual brilliance scores well over brainstorming ( Chronicwriter’s personal opinion)" - I am in absolute agreement too. (Of course not many TEAMS would have me anyway, lol, so I had better be individualistic to pull my weight along!)

    Meticulous and brief autobiography that. Hopefully we will get to read an autobiography from you by the time you are through with your life. I wish you for that!



  14. Should I be glad that your special correspondent didn't compare you to Gerard Butler?

    Congrats on the 400 post :)

  15. Naice one Chris !!! Which movie did you see when you were 4 years old !!??? Rajni movie for sure ?? Inspector Alex pandian ?? :D

  16. Funniest bit which liked the most was

    "Guys! Calm down. This is his 400th post. So let him enjoy"

    Congrats Man !

    One needs passion and rest follows !
    I am sure i'll reach this milestone someday for sure !

  17. Congratulations Prason. Very happy to read this one. MAy God bless you and your talent to make others laugh.

  18. This one is from Jer and Jo.

    Hi Mama Congrats on the 400th blog. WE americans :) had a good laugh.

  19. Lovely :) nice to know more about you.. we knew all these in bits and pieces through your various posts.. today it culminated into one posht..... :) great :)

    I liked your personal opinion about CREATIVITY... :)

  20. Hellooooo...I soooooooo love reading u...err..reading ur blog posts that is...but most of the time I get a tad nervous about commenting coz it's tough matching upto the master of words...even if it is just a matter of saying...
    "Kudos my friend...continue to make us smile...:-)"
    P.S.Has anyone told u that u are so adorable?:-)

  21. Lol honestly U beat Brad Pitt yaa!!!

  22. Congrats Chris. As usual enjoyed :)-

  23. hahaha.. you still brought smiles to people face through your Autobiography(Pictures).. good one mate.. and congratulations, keep writing. :-)

  24. Waiting for the video podcasts... Good luck.

  25. hha ha ha..
    i would like to see your 4000nd post too :-)
    I am sure that d journey has been endearing..!!

    The gladiator pic is so funny!!

  26. hehehe.. the fotos were awesome..
    but dude, sersly, did u actually drive ur sisters cycle?

  27. yes yes i smiled

    you do look like lincoln! were you him in the previous birth??

    i plan to read the blog. 400 ! ok, one down 399 to go. just don't post 400 more by the time i finish!!

    i think i know you from orkut! but i'm not sure. anyway! read you soon

  28. Happy 400,
    I had completed just a decade, and I was planning to introduce the Blasphemous Aesthete.

    Now m weighing my options

    Congrats again.

  29. congrats on the 400th post! love reading your blog though I may not comment every time.

  30. You forgot to mention the day I became your follower in the list.:)

  31. Congos mannn.. :) May u live loong enough to write for te years to come.. God Bless!!!


  32. Hi..

    Hav never been here b4..

    had a gr8 time.. photos were seriously cool.. :D

    gr8 going..

    congrats on the 400th post...

  33. "Mark Knopfler"..... from Dire Straits... god damn, you got taste dude... ^_^
    Lincoln was LOL... XD XD XD

  34. make ur abraham licoln look alike photo into black and white and photoed to look it old,, ppl will really belive in tht

  35. @arv : haha.. i have wondered abt it too

    @nadhiya : maddy naddy.. hahaha

    @vampire wutever : thanks kiddy

    @Viji : thanks much akka.. yus .. a friend of mine pointed out that i look like lincoln

    @aayushi : yus.. abraham lincoln absolutely looks like me indeed.. you have given me an unrealistic task.. but achievable if i publish one word posts

    @rinzu : lost smiles? it is hidden inside everyone.. all you have to do is keep that upward curve alive :) thanks much

    @santosh: thank you brother.. one of my first blogmates.. you have given great suggestions and corrected me when i went lazy.. thanks so much..

    @mohan : welcome :)

  36. @shaunak : i never realized it too, till a friend notified me that :)

    @pappu : verbal diarrhea indeed :)

    @Ugich : saw that.. nice one :)

    @Hemz : thank you very much bro.. have fun and make me a maamaji soon :)

    @HP : takes a bow

    @Ameen : blush :)

  37. @atrista : this journey was possible because of the wonderful bloggers i met along this journey.. learnt a lot from many bloggers.. some are big time bloggers and some have only one blog posts.. but i have learnt many things from them

    @srini : i learnt that truth abt creativity when i was in ad field bro :) and regarding the autoiography at the end of my life - why this kolaveri?

    @psychedchick : some of my bearded fotos have slight resemblance to him.. and some to dinesh karthick too.. have one snap that looks apt like leanardo.. but ppl would kill me if i add those..

    @prashant rajan : it was not a cop on movie.. i saw a cop in real life.. i touched the gun too :)

    @push : passion takes us a long way indeed bro.. you have it and when you follow it, you are your own destiny

    @dewdrops -akka : thanks much akka.. still a long way to go

    @dewdrops - lollipop and jalebi : glad to know that YOU AMERICANS also liked the page.. any suggestions for improvement?

  38. @meow : yus.. never wanted to write about my personal life here.. but today thought of writinga a few incidents that were at the top of my mind

    and abt creativity, i have been a great victim and adi patta animal will pounce one day :)

    "master of words " - second time , i am hearing this.. :) and my vocab is poor though :(

    adorable? wowie.. blushings of india.. they call me that i talk crap and that i irritate them a lot.. but no one has called me adorable yet :)

    @aruna :

    now everyone has to read this indeed :) where do you want me to treat you?

    @dhana : thanks much.. keep coming :)

    @devil's advocate : thanks bro.. would keep the tempo going

    @Jenin : yus bro.. shooting in progress

    @ankita : i have collected many stones in this journey and am gonna build a joke castle out of it..

    @arshat : yes i did bro. i did not have any other go.. Thanks for reading the 400th post..

  39. @di : you know me from orkut? i am not using my orkut account for two years.. my memory is usually sharp, but not sharp here

    @anonymous someone : the manner in which you play with your words is brilliant. You have it in you to go a long way. just fix your eyes on your target audience

    thanks very much.. am happy that u like this blog.. once i used to expect many comments for a post.. now i just wanna spread smiles.. keep reading

    @sumit : forgive me bro.. i shall treat you for my mistake..

    @nikhil : i had goosepimples reading that comment of yours

    @matangi : thanks much .. keep visiting

    @sanghi : am not uptodate with music.. love knpfler anytime.. he writes awesome stuff

    @uncommon sense : very nice idea indeed :)

  40. although my name is lincoln but u surely look like one ;)

  41. Ha ha ha..Loved the photos. Excellent compilation :)

  42. Dude, I dont know how to hold my pee.
    Fucking A!

  43. Chriz - The most Humorous Guy i have every met in Reeling/Real Life :)

    Unna Pathi Pugalthu Pesi Naan Unnoda Muyarchiya Keduka Virumbalam ...

    U r a Champ Little Champ.

    Chriz brought me in to Blogging And blogging is my Passion now - Very Few Ppl can bring this difference in life .. Chriz is an Inspiration and a Phenomena

  44. lol.... :D sooper pics.. Congratzz Chris... Way to Go.. God bless!!

  45. multifaceted personality....

  46. Hahaha! Awesome, awesome!

    Got to know the real, serious face of Chronicwriter.. cool post, yet again! :)

    Keep 'em coming!

  47. Hillarious .. Man u really had some serious accidents. 400!! Wow thats a huge numbr.

  48. ok.. i'm here after a reallllllyyyyyyyy lllllllooonnnngggggg timeee.. but still.. KKKRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR THuuuu! :P

    congrats on the 400

  49. @lincoln : nice name bro :)

    @ cute cadre : thanks much

    @medha : hope you are alright now :)

    @shiva : vudura vudura.. evlavo pannitoam

    @minnie :thanks much girl

    @swatz : i am deceptive :P

    @ parth : thank you very much

    @raj : humble beginning. and long way to go.. accidents have been great lessons in life

    @anusha : thank you for spitting :P

  50. Kalakkitte, Romba nanna irukku chriz. Vaazhthukkal.

  51. luvd ur fotos...but i dont lov u...

  52. Hi! Chriz,
    ive not been around for quite a long time, so many posts of urs to be read yaar, will be doing it slowly, how can i miss the fun u give me....
    Hmmmm if this is ur atb in this age , wat wud be the one u write at the age of 60...u can try that too at this age..

  53. Wow...400 posts??? Stumbled over here from someplace...And yes..You have funny bones..But you probably have enough people tell you that in this blog's comments already :p

    PS: Loved the 2nd last pic.

  54. Happy 400th post dude! BTW, whatever you've written about your tongue, ankle n stuff... Really??

  55. OMG this was lovely chris!!! =D =D
    I loved the way you got those pictures :P
    And I love your blog template and the header images!
    My god I'm so laughing =) =)
    Congrats on the 400th post chris!! :)
    Way to go! \m/

  56. LOL, nice post. u deserved all the titles.

  57. LOL, nice post. u deserved all the titles.

  58. guru anne... neenga always engayo poitinga.... 400 not out ah... lara mathiri aitinga

  59. Although the first part din't tickle me much, the photo comparison part made up for it, especially the Einstein and Brad Pitt bit was too much Chris. Go baby Go!!!

  60. well the photos are almost matching I must say.

  61. congrats on your 400th blog!!!:)
    I just read your personal and professional biographies, and they were just so simply awesome!It just shows how life should not be taken so seriously!!!A pinch of salt always works:)

  62. Nice to know more about u Mr. Prason Christopher Robin! :)

  63. Congrats...Great Biography... but I think too early.. I thought 500 was midway ...

    btw u certainly loook like Early Lincon :)

  64. totally enjoyed reading this post!! photos are awesome... keep going... and you beat Brad Pit :P


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