Wednesday, March 03, 2010

395. A memory ride to the eighties

Note: This post would not change your life. At the same time you do not have to shell out even a single Paisa to read this post. So just go ahead and read the post.

Trivia : Today is 3rd March 2010... It has been 18 years.. Apparently 3rd March 1992 was the last time I peed on my bed.

I was going through an old photograph of me and my sister. I was pampered big time then. I had a glorious childhood. The games we played those days are still fresh in my memory. I also saw a picture of my nephew and niece (My sister's kids) playing with snow. This triggered me to write this post. Click the below picture to read the information on the picture

  • The 1980's were a great boon to children. The amount of creativity displayed by the kids of the 80's were diverse compared to the kids of the present generation.
  • When I watched the movie Taare Zameen Par, I was reminded of the games that i used to play when I was a kid. We used to invent our own toys from paper, stones, wood, nails, leaves. The level of creativity was on an all time high. I don't see much creativity among the kids of the present generation. Do you disagree? You can use the comment box to bash me .

The advantages of spending your childhood in the 80s

  • You could lie and get away with it easily. I remember telling my friends that I watched Kapil Dev's 175 against Zimbabwe in the 1983 world cup on TV and they bought my story . I have told many lies like this and no one has caught me then. But now some of my childhood friends who have good memory like Vishwanathan Anand would fry me for all those lies.The present day kids find it difficult to lie. If they claim to know something, the other kids can easily cross-check their claim using online search engines. It is very difficult to become the Hero of your gang in this generation unless you are exceptionally talented in lying. Moral : Don't Lie.

  • The children of the 80's were really good in climbing trees. We also played indoor games which were really good for our brains (Chess, Carrom Board, Hide and seek, Running around the house). We indulged in real-farming. We did not milk any pink cows. Farmville has re-defined the meaning of farming in it's own way. Moral: Climb trees
  • Our idea of playing football was to kick the ball in the playground, drink glucose and lime with salt, getting bruised, fighting with another kid, using bathroom slippers as goal posts. The kids of the present generation are really good with PlayStation football. FIFA has spoilt them in a bigger way. I am not asking the kids to stop playing video games. You can play. It is your birth right. But the joy of playing in sand cannot be replaced by joysticks and console. Moral: Go out and play. Get dirty
  • Catapult was a part and parcel of every guy of the 80s. We were expert marksmen too. Mangoes and Gooseberries have always been victims. My 7 year old neighbour Ryan tried using a catapult, the other day. He hit himself. Moral: Know your History
  • Cricket was the soul of every young guy of the 80s. Every evening from 4pm to 6pm, every single patch of ground would be occupied by a group of boys with dreams of becoming the next Kapil Dev of the country. I am not seeing that same craze among the kids of the present generation. Moral: Play gully cricket
  • Your folks had much time to spend with you. Evenings were fun filled with visits to your neighbours' homes. You could also go shopping with your folks. But now, where is the time for all that? Moral: Spend time with your family

This was not written with an intention to make you laugh. So this post would definitely not have the quantum of humor you would have expected from this page. But just remember that the author of this page was nostalgic and he came up with this post. If you were born in the 80s, you would relate much with this post.

  • On a final note, when I was typing this post, my friend came to me and asked me to feel the swelling on his cheek. I thought that he was talking about the cheek on his face. I was wrong. He has piles.



  1. Nostalgia at its best! Those were the best times! Glad because I got to enjoy my childhood...that enthusiasm towards life, happiness resulting from small things like climbing trees,running behind the wasps and butterflies,that innocence! Sad for the kids these days..or should I say 'KIDULTS'?So much exposure and so little innocence! True..a joystick is a source of virtual joy and sure can't give the real joy..As for the quantum of humor,well you have compensated for it at the end of the post ;) Good one!

  2. Awesome.. as always..

    Puts me in too much nostalgia... What a childhood we enjoyed!

  3. We the nineties league aren't much different too...

  4. I was born in 89..!! Does that count..?? :D
    Anyways....I relate to every single thing you have written and I totally agree with you...My younger brothers call 'playing PS3 in their friend's house' as going out to play..I'm glad i'm not a part of todays kids...
    You made me walk thorough the lane of nostalgia too...
    Nice post...

  5. U r so right.... I shud ask my kids to read this post....

  6. very very true....
    and nice write up chriz.. u made me go back to those days. wonderful it was..


  7. i heard swami paramahamsa nithyandha belongs to ur 80's era and thats why he play these games on camera... is tat true?

  8. lol @ pappu :P anyway.. a very nostalgic post :) and I totally accept all the points you've put up here.. :) :)

  9. What about your karate skills at 6th standard

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  11. Lovely post Chriz. Nostalgia indeed! :) Another 80s person here and you are right.

    PS: apdiyum kadasila piles-a pottu coffee-a kotta vechuteengale. :P

  12. Those were lovely days...nice post bro :)

  13. I liked this post a lot dude... sense packed humour :)

  14. I am also very glad to be born in the 80's. I could not relate to a couple of things in the post...but was nostalgia all through.

    My childhood also had to do with a lot of cartoon was just pure innocent fun with hardly any violence in it...the cartoons these days are really violent according to me...the looks fo the characters in it are no where close to 'cute'...

  15. seriously... dese kids jus cant make a clean good false statement

  16. this is a very beautiful post....enlaced with pearls of the past...But have to improve on your grammar...there were a lot of mistakes that stealthily stole the beauty out of this post...

    Give it a thought...

    keep penning

  17. Great Post...The stuff mentioned in the post almost took me back to my Childhood.Climbing trees,the creativity of making toys,having a catapult etc etc. Thanks mate..


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