Saturday, February 20, 2010

392. My name is Facebook

My name is khan is the biggest hit in recent times;thanks to Shiv Sena and IPL3. I never thought that non-selection of Pakistani players for IPL-3 had such an impact to MNIK's success. But believe me,Khan is back on track and is making amends for his lost glory due to IPL2.

Love him or hate him, you just can't ignore him. He makes news everyday. "If he is not in the news even for a single day, we should blame it on the swine flu-Jhunjhunwala". My name is khan became a trending topic on twitter and everybody started to hashtag(#) "Mynameis" with their own creative sentences. The following ten tweets are in the top of my mind. If you are a tweeter, you would have seen some of these tweets.

1) Mynameis hashim amla and my beard is longer than my bat

2) Mynameis Rakhi and i am Virgin.

3) Mynameis Muthalik and i hate pink chaddis.

4) Mynameis Ballstalkray. My Nemesis is Khan

5) Mynameis iPad. I am not a tampon.

6)Mynameis Saniamirza and i specialise in first round exits

7) Mynameis Tiger and I wish Tiger Woods was one amongst us! Our population would not have gone down to 1411

8) Mynameis Obama. Yes we khan

9) Mynameis Chetan Bhagat and I block

10) Mynameis Chronicwriter. superman stole my red underwear.

Last week,Twitter's supremacy was challenged by Google, when Google unleashed its weapon Googlebuzz. But as Googlebuzz is a crosspollination of twitter,facebook and friendster, it lost its charm within minutes of getting launched. Hope Google comes up with some creative online products in the future.
How ever Google timed the launch of googlebuzz at the right time because googlebuzz was launched the same time when the creators of Facebook were all sloshed together. Facebook went through a change last week and it was not well received by its users. Google tried to tap this opportunity, but they too made a mockery of the precious chance they had in their hand.
The change that facebook adopted is similar to a man trading his good underwear for a torn, stinky underwear. Some of the changes that Facebook has gone through are listed below.

1) The main lesson that the creators Facebook should learn is "Never ever allow a trainee software engineer to play with dreamweaver macromedia." Some results can never be rectified. I request Mark Elliot Zuckerberg to give pink slips to the whole team which was involved in the facebook theme change idea.

2) Where is my log out icon? Logging out was so easy in the past.All I had to do was just click the log out icon. Now I have to click the "Account" Tab which would then drop down and show a list of tabs and logout is at the bottom of the list. Is this what user friendliness is all about? or Is this a method to keep children messing with your facebook profile? or Am I being forced to stay in facebook for some more time? I'd rather "close the whole screen"

3) If your friend list consists of people you know in real life, you are not going to face the problem stated in this point. But if 80% of the friends in your list are online mates, then you would hate the new "Friends Tab". In the old facebook layout, a very useful icon" recently added friends" would help me to constantly have a grip of the friends I add everyday. But now the sorting is available only in alphabetical order. I am strongly irritated with the facebook creators for removing that tab

4) Where is the "dislike" button?

5) Why have you hidden my notes and my links under a collapsible tab with a title "More". Notes and links might have been irrelevant for the trainee designer who worked on the new layout. He should have asked some elders before using his "mundhirikottai" brain.

6) One thing i can never understand is the brilliance behind having two chat lists - one on the left side bar and one on the bottom toolbar. To make things worse, facebook is still using AJAX chat functionality. It HANGS.

Facebook has the worst archiving facility ever. I can go on cribbing like this for ever. But still I am not gonna quit facebook.
I thank my friend Andrea for some great inputs.
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  1. True about facebook.....I was searching for the Friends icon in my page.....and was so fed up that I logged out of it....was a toddler's innovative day out I think at facebook....

    MNIK was boring.....

  2. The new FB sucks big time. no doubt.

  3. Seriously !! They ve messed up the whole things... I racked my brains ta view my friends...So stupid !!

  4. Ha ha....thank God m nt on facebook. 7th tweet is super cool.

  5. buzz is okay okay, facebook is still a rocket science for me. I still use poorane zamane ka orkut !!

  6. Those first ten points (Mynameis) were insane! Great work.. and yeah, FB took a confusing maze and made it worse.

  7. That sounds like the old element of chronicwriter is back :-) some of ur recent posts didnt ahve the earlier punch...

    Yes google buzz dropped faster than a hot potato...

  8. aaahaa.. enna azhagu!!! :P I loved those 10 points..though the new FACEBOOK rocks.. :D whatever u have found out through ur research,even then,its a lot more better than the older one. :)


  9. speaking of facebook layout changes, wat happened to layout of ur blog? i liked the old one which suited the stuff u wrote :)

  10. Facebook is really loosing it, I am sure it is sinking with this so called fresh look. Seems like this year they are following my guidance ugly is cool and cool is ugly.

  11. You've hit the nail on the head with respect to the Facebook update.

    Also loved the list of Mynameis... We need a as a counterpoint to

    The buzz surrounding Googlebaaz seems to have died down and for good reason. There is way to much going on. I don't want to see the Twitter updates of everyone I have an email address of inside my email!

  12. shabbbbbaaaaaaaa am darn irritated with FB,... its FUCK BOOK now.. sorry for the profanity...

  13. 8) Mynameis Obama. Yes we khan << Couldn't help giggling at this one.

    FB never managed to irritate me. I guess the main problem for most people is that FB changes the layout as soon as one gets used to the previous version.

  14. He he good compilation buddy...

  15. heyy..very nice write..sum worthy nd true points abt fb..gr8 job done..!!!

  16. Fantastic Chriz... Yes, whoever the brilliant mind behind having two chat menus on FB has got to be lauded for thinking outside his box as well as users' boxes. lol. And yes... all those objections you have raised against FB's current format are completely in concurrence with my own. It has become a pain! :D

    And those tweets you are speaking of... they are all yours aren't they???;) :D

    Another fine post. Cheers! :)

  17. thank god, i am not on facebook
    and yes my name is khan, sapota khan, LOL


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