Warning: Adult/Mature content inside. If you still want to read this post, go ahead.
Trivia : Tiger is one among the very few species that Chronicwriter has not eaten in his life.

"Save the Tiger" that roams freely in the woods, not the one hiding in his house. Tiger is the national animal of India ( I learnt it in school). If we do not save Tigers, our country might have to nominate some other animal for the national animal post. Three animals has the opportunity to take the role of the national animal of India.

1. Male Dogs (Because they are unique. They are the only species on earth which lifts one of its legs to pee)

2. Monkeys ( They resemble the chronicwriter. They are also available in plenty)

3. Balls Talk Ray ( Ultimately unique. Only one species available in one generation. Extinction rate is nil)

Male dogs and Monkeys can be domesticated. How ever scientists are still performing tests in the laboratory to find a solution to tame Balls Talk Ray. Hence Balls has a great opportunity to become the next national animal of India.

Apparently Balls Talk ray got its name because it is the only animal that can speak. We all know that parrots can speak. Parrot is a bird and it repeats what ever we say, even if it is crap. Balls Talk Ray is more special than the parrot. It doesn't repeat someone else's crap statement. It has the capacity in itself to talk crap all the time. Hence it is the only species in the world which can produce crap from both ends.

An example of Balls Talk Ray's Crap talk abilities

Recently Balls Talk Ray was watching a cricket match between India and Sri Lanka. Sachin Tendulkar was batting and Ravi Shastri was the commentator. Sachin has the habit of adjusting his groin guard before he takes his stance and while he was performing the adjustment act, Ravi Shastri said, " Sachin Tendulkar,the MasterBatsman is batting like a true champion".

Balls Talk Ray got agitated because he interpreted the action as "Sachin Tendulkar is Masturbating". The agitation led to some crap talk by him.

I already warned everyone that this post will have some mature content. So don't make that clown face, as if you are reading crap stuff for the first time in your life.

If you think that this post has no mature content yet, I would like to give one condition now. All those who accept that they have masturbated in their life can read further; others need not read further,but remember to leave a comment to prove your purity stance.

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This dotted line above, separates the impure ones from the pure ones. So I would love to extend my sincere appreciation to all those impure men and women who have come this far to show your love for me.

With so much of love and appreciation, my blog recently got a hickey (Love bite). I sincerely believe that it was given by a female reader of this page.

Recently Shahid Afridi gave a love bite to the cricket ball. I am shocked to hear that he has been banned for two matches for showing his love to the cricket ball. The ICC has failed to understand the real meaning of ball tampering. The real meaning of ball tampering is depicted in the picture below.

Dinesh Karthik (Hiding behind Sreesanth) is caught tampering Sreesanth's ball. If this kind of tampering can be allowed in a cricket match, Afridi biting the ball should be allowed. After all it was just a love bite.
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