Friday, January 29, 2010

386. Padmashree for Ajmal Kasab?

Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shree are the four civilian awards that are presented to deserving Indians on Republic day. I went through the recipient list of this year and I was happy to see many deserving people in that List. I was especially very happy to see Music Maestro Illaiyaraja's name in the list.

But when I found that Actor Saif Ali Khan had got the PadmaShree, my brain started tormenting me. "Why did he get the award? Is it because of his different hairstyles? or Is it because of the different girlfriends he has ditched so far?"
  • I have had various hairstyles too.Check my facebook profile pictures to see the various hairstyles that i have had in my life. Click here [Facebook link] to become my facebook friend.
  • I haven't ditched any girl in my life; but atleast i had been ditched by many girls
So I should have been in the Padma Shree list too. I am not grumpy here. I have gone through many disappointments in my life. So I can digest this great injustice that is dealt towards me. But why hasn't Ajmal Kasab got a Civilian Award yet? He is the lone survivor among the bunch of santa clauses who came to deliver gifts to people of all ages in Mumbai on November 26th 2008. Crores and crores of money is being utilized for his Princely stay in our country. In his One year stay in India, he has learnt Marathi and he has even watched Rakhi ka swayamvar. As a single person, if he can do a great change for our country, why did not he receive the award this year? It is complete injustice. We should wait and see if he gets his much deserved award at least in 2011. Sources say that he was seen crying when he did not receive the award.

Crying is a natural phenomenon that is attached free of cost with the female community. I am not partial to men here. I have cried too. I have emotionally blackmailed many people in my life too. Emotional blackmailing is an art that has to be mastered with practice. I started practising it at a very early age. I hated idlis when I was a kid. (Idli is a south Indian dish which is white in colour and has close resemblance to Drew Barrymore's cheeks.) When ever my mom made idlis for breakfast, I would emotionally blackmail her by saying, " Mom I am gonna leave the house and I am not gonna come back again. I promise". My mom would say, " OK. Chriz. You can leave now". She would never show a sign of anxiety over her son's emotional gameplay. So I would make the next move and would leave the house and would hide at my neighbour's place for sometime. Even such an act would not move my mom. Hence I would return to my house. "Why am I saying this here?". Lot of bloggers do this all the while. If they are lazy to blog or if they wanna gain some attention, they suddenly leave a message in their blog saying, " I am leaving blogsville". All their friends would comment " Please don't go". Shamelessly they would return to blogging within a week. This is a common trend that one can see in the blog world. [I have used this trick too when I left blogging in 2008 only to return back to blogging in 2009]. Such people (Including me) are very bad decision makers and they take life as it comes.

This emotional blackmailing BUG has recently hit sports personalities too. Justin Henin, Kim Clijsters left the tennis scene two years ago only to sneak back into the game. Lance Armstrong did that in Tour de France. Michael Schumacher is playing mind games with his own heart. He would be back too. When Oprah Winfrey announced her last show, I smiled to myself and said, " Not again".
Recently a reader of this page wanted to know Why I did my MBA in Kerala?

I never went to Kerala because of the Toddy, neither did the phrase "God's own country" pull me. It was not the omanakutties (Babes) either. Shakeela is definitely not the reason too. If you are an Indian and if you do not know who shakeela is, you should feel ashamed of yourself. That's all I can say. By the way Shakeela is getting married soon. Actress Rambha has tied the knot too. But these news hasn't broken my heart yet because Sania mirza has called off the engagement with her childhood friend Sohrab Mirza. I know she loves me.

Critics of this blog call this as a rated blog with cheap crap. A video was recently found in the internet which proves that Chronicwriter's blog is full of crap. In this video, A mother goes Mad when she finds what her son was up to. Check this small video clip. The language is Spanish. The subtitles (annotations) would guide you through the video.



  1. If Kasab can demand mutton biryani, he might even demand a Padmashree! And we might just hand it over to him by the current VIP status he gets..

  2. lol chriz!!hilarious!i have missed reading ur posts..and i guess i have a lot to catch up on!!:)
    saif ali khanand padmashri..probably coz hes dating heroine no 1 kareena so diligently over the last few years:D

  3. lol...didu do the subs urself?

  4. @the video....u will get the padmasree padma bushan and oscar to soon bro...dont u worry...ur diff hairstyles will get u one :)..


  5. dude...You deserve a padmashree what writing this mann....I hv come after a long time to your blog as I hvn't been writing but this post gives me the inspiration to write again....

    and video was indeed lol'able :D

  6. how can u say tht kasab shud b given padma shri, an award whch is nowadays given to such undeserving people as saif...kasab deserves a bharat ratna...ATLEAST!

  7. Chriz,

    Knowing you I know it is a fully humorous blog and so I will take the Kasab reference.. but only with half a dozen grains of salt I am afraid.

    I am reminded of my own decisions to quite - or at least take some time off - blogging last year. In fact, in my case it was emotional frustration which drove me thereto. But these days I am happy to be writing, in my niche as you called it, and do not feel compulsive despite the frequency of my posts.

    Enjoyed the post. CHeers! :)

  8. And as far as women go, our fortunes are perhaps on the same line. Not good, not good, I say. :P

  9. the world is changing..credibility is getting lost..!!



  10. there is a good chance that kasab might end up gettin a padmashree.if a DGP can get away with molesting a girl then why cant kasab get an award for his manslaughter.
    God bless India!

    cheers chris.

  11. LOL,
    yeah, I have used blackmails, they work.
    but they dont work on me.

  12. I there a way to get Padm Shree for being useless? I think there must be , otherwise how could Saif get that?? Anybody knows how to apply for a Padm award for being useless? Please let me know , I am interested. May be Chriz will be interested too..:D

  13. LOOOOOOOOLLLL.. at the video!!!!

  14. The padmashree and awards likewise are slowly beginning to look like the whole movie award rampage like the film fare-star screen shit. No credulity nothing...and with bollywood stars ??!! WTF!

    Dont they already have tons non-consequential stuff to fill their racks with??

  15. u r impossible!! :) u DID NOT answer ur frenz qns!! why did u do ur MBA in kerala?? :P I hrd NASSCOM is gona blacklist Rajagiri after they read ur post on the TOWEL WALK exp in campus :P
    the video is awesome!!!!!

  16. okay, so i had visited your page quite a few times...always used to smie and go away....i need not say that you are blessed with a very good sense of humor..
    d video was some awesome stuff...loved it!
    thanks for cheering me up!

  17. Kasab case is a joke of our judiciary... no wonder our country is the fav land of terrorist :D

    idli and cheeks!!!! what a comparison {shakes head }


  18. ofc sania mirza luvs u...:)..good post!!

  19. No, no... Saif has been given the award because he is a hunter. How can you forget blackbucks incident. Hunters need to be rewarded :).

    Lol at the video :P.

  20. Didn't receive the Padma Bhushan? No worries. We shall start a new award in your honour. The Comedy Chriz award. Of course you'll be the first recipient...

  21. Now everyone can get a padmabhushan, it will soon be called a padmabhushan bargain sale :P :D ... as the days progess, i will buy the pichakaaran in the opposite theru a bharat ratna for his selfless job of begging :D

  22. When they initiate a Padmashree for a Blogger...We all will write the committe. Don't worry you deserve it better than Nawab's son

  23. Hahahaha....Hilarious! Did your mom hit you like this too when you refused to eat idlis..?? Dont worry....I still don't eat idlis at home...drives my mom crazy :P

  24. Yea man... Kasab would soon be awarded with some Padmasree or at least he will run for parliament soon... who knows!!!

    And hey Shakeela or Reshma are nt mallus... We malllus appreciate beauty and art... So we do appreciate them... They do real artistic stuff, naah?

  25. This is the most hilarious and wonderful blogs that I've visited recently:) Keep it up! Will keep on visiting...loved the video!

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