I have received many phone calls from strangers. I always used to say "Wrong number and hang up. But after I saw the movie Phonebooth, I started to react differently to calls from strangers. One day I got a call from a stranger.

*Tring Tring* . My Handphone started ringing. It was an unknown number. I picked it up.

Unknown Person : Hello! Is this Chronicwriter?
Me: Yes. Who is this?
Unknown Person : I am Anil Ambani
Me: ok. What do you want?
Unknown Person : I want to have an appointment with you.
Me: For what?
Unknown Person : I would like to have a business talk with you
Me : So?
Unknown Person : Can I meet you sometime for dinner?
Me: No. You can't. I don't meet up with strangers.

I kept the phone and continued to play the game "solitaire" on my computer. After sometime I thought of going for a ride. I wore my yellow T-shirt and a tiny shorts, so that I could reveal my sexy thighs and my hairy legs. I came out of my house and was about to kickstart my bike (Passionplus) when I saw the most beautiful girl crossing my house on a pink scooty. Immediately the Angel within me said, "Chriz! You are a good boy. You are not supposed to chase girls in your bike". I was about to obey the angel within me, when my alter-ego said," Chriz, What are you waiting for? You have already started your bike. She might be your future". My alter-ego's statement made sense to me and the next moment, my bike started following her. She was wearing a black T shirt and a blue three fourth jean. She was the epitome of beauty. Was I falling in love? My heart beat started to race faster. My bike went faster too. Soon I overtook her. When I overtook her, questions started running across my mind - " Is She Tamil too? Should I call up my mother and tell that she need not hunt for a bride for me anymore?". I turned around and smiled at her. She smiled back at me. That was the sweetest ever smile, even better than Renu's (Renu was my first love. I still have feelings for her). I immediately slowed down and allowed her to overtake me. She overtook me and raced past me."Why did she smile at me? Was she in love with me too? Did she see my sexy legs?. These thoughts crowded my head and when I came back to reality, I had lost her in the traffic. I searched for her for the next 30 minutes and I could not find her. "Is this the shortest ever love story?", I thought to myself and parked my bike near a tree and went to a near by shop to drink some coffee. I finished my cup of coffee and I started walking towards my bike and I couldnot believe my eyes. She was there. She had parked her scooty next to my bike and she was holding on to the branch of a tree and she was admiring some little children who were playing near my bike. I started admiring my "Black-T shirt babe". I took my mobile phone and even clicked a picture of her. I walked past her. She did not notice me.

I walked past her again. She noticed me this time. I started a conversation with her

Me: Cute kids. Isn't it? ( Decent pick up line?)

She : Yes. I love kids

Me: I have never seen you around. New to this place?

She: Yes. We moved here this week.

Me : My name is Robin. Christopher Robin

She : That comic character? Winnie the pooh? hahaha

Me : Did you just call me a cartoon ? ( A fake sympathy creating statement. I was liking this conversation because a complete stranger was actually pulling my leg )

She : Sorry. Din't mean it that way. I like that Character. My name is Eve.

Me : Nice name. I have to leave now. ( I always keep my first conversation short and simple)

She : You ride pretty fast indeed. That's dangerous. Take care.

(Why was she concerned about me? I knew she was in love with me)

Me : You too. By the way, you have a nice scooty.

She : You have a good bike too. But I love Yezdi bike more than Passion plus.

The very same evening, I sold my passion plus bike for Rs.15,300/- and bought a second hand Yezdi bike for Rs 22,000/- and that is how Yezdi Yezhumalai was born. You would have heard names like Bullet Bhaskar and Cycle Chain Kabali. They are history and they don't exist anymore. But Yezdi Yezhumalai came into existence with one single aim in Life, and that is to become Eve's real life hero.

Click the above picture to see Yezdi Yezhumalai's coir belt and his Red bottom shoes. The next morning I met Eve again, in the same place. She was admiring the kids and I was admiring her. She was so happy to see my Yezdi bike.

She : Can I sit in the bike?

(I was expecting this question from her. My pillion seat was waiting for her)

Me: Sure. Just hop in.

She: I want to ride it. You can ride my scooty

My face shrunk to the size of a gooseberry. She took my Yezdi and started riding it. I followed her in her PINK scooty.She went to an icecream parlour and said "Chriz, can we eat some Icecream?". I agreed, though I was sad inside that she did not come with me in my Yezdi bike. But at the same time I was really happy because she was initialising all the conversation eventhough it was just our second meeting. She sat next to me and started eating choco-Almond slush. I started admiring her again. Her eyes looked so beautiful through the black frame of her glasses. Her green tops were an exact match to my green socks. I asked her to pose for a snap. She gave a cute pose.

We went back to our respective houses. I got her mobile number too. Soon we started talking with each other over the phone and we got pretty close too. I even confessed to her about Renu and I even told her about the secret powers that I got from my red underwears. One day I decided to propose her. So I asked her if I could take her for a lunch date. She agreed to me on one condition. The condition was that I had to come in my Yezdi bike. The next day I went to the eating joint where I was supposed to meet her. I had asked her to wear the same black t-shirt that she was wearing the first time i saw her. She was already there. She came in a cab. She told that her scooty was in the service station and thats why she had to come in the cab. We had lunch together. I paid the bills. I was waiting for an opportunity to propose her. I soon got the opportunity when she asked me to click a picture of her. She posed for me by hugging a pillar.

After clicking the picture, I asked her, " Can I be the pillar in your life?". She did not understand it immediately.After a few seconds she understood it and smiled at me. She was calm. " Was that a sign of agreement?".Then she spoke and said, "Chriz, can I answer you after riding your Yezdi?". I nodded in agreement. She kick started my bike and went for a ride. It has been 5 days now and she has not come back yet. Has she gone for a long ride?
I miss my Yezdi bike.
I miss my Eve
Am I the pillar of her life?