Wiger Toods : Hey buddy. Now the whole world knows about my affairs. I couldn't even show my face outside
Chronicwriter : Don't worry Bro. Things will be alright soon
Wiger Toods : But I have a fetish for undergarments. What should I do?
Chronicwriter : Give me a ring. I have an idea.

The very next day, Women around the globe started to post the color of their Bra as their status message. They were under the assumption that by posting their Bra color as their status message, they were donating money for Breast cancer. An email recently went out to women asking them to post the color of their BRA as their status to voice their support for Breast Cancer. It was a Spam email. This was the biggest prank that was ever played on the female community in recent times. The previous prank that was played on a woman happened when the serpent fooled Eve regarding the forbidden fruit. If you are a woman reading this and if you were a victim of the status message prank in FB, do not feel bad.You are not alone. 75 % of the women fell for this prank.

I am just waiting for similar status message pranks that would be soon played on the male community so that I could unleash my Red underwear. Would it be for Prostrate Cancer? or would it be for an accident caused by improper Brazilian waxing? or would it be at least Piles?

When I was young, I used to sit under one coconut tree near my house. Every time I sat under that coconut tree, my brain would be filled with humor instincts and I would share jokes with all my friends. My friends never knew that, my humor quotient was increasing day by day because of that coconut tree. In fact till date, i have not shared this secret with anyone. Buddha garnered wisdom sitting under a Bodhi tree.

Physics was one of the subjects that i hated in school. Matters became worse because of the complicated equations and findings of Sir. Isaac Newton. When he was a little boy, he was sitting under an apple tree. An apple fell on his head and from that onwards he started blabbering some unwanted words. Those words occupy a major junk of physics books around the Globe. He should have sat under a coconut tree. Either he would have become a humorist or at least a coconut would have fallen on his head and would have made things easier for all of us.

I found the following two questions on FB status messages. I thought of answering these questions

1.How do you differentiate between a male bird and a female bird?
Male birds lift one of their legs to pee. Female birds sit and pee

2.Every girl's dream is to be rescued by the prince but in reality, he NEVER turns up. Why?

Because these days, girls never kiss Frogs.

Note: I used to read a Big book on Jokes, while sitting under that coconut tree.